Drawing 83 Nick And Playing Rising Star Game

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This time, I drew 83 Nick. I have drawn this picture a few days ago. Today, I decided to post it. It is a common people card. It has 10 fans and 5 skill.

Firstly, I drew the basic sketch for 83 Nick. This drawing was a little difficult for me because I drew his body style and expression like the picture of the card. Mostly, I drew the simply style like their standing picture. In this picture, he is singing, and his head turned towards the mic. I tried hard to draw this picture and I am satisfied with the result.

Then, I painted his shirt and trouser. Unlike my previous picture, this one was easy to paint. I painted his shirt with brown colour. I have mixed a little white colour in the brown colour I painted. Then, I painted the shadow of the shirt with brown colour again. For his trouser, I only painted with yellow colour.

Then, I painted the microphone with white, grey and black colours. I painted his hair with black colour. Before I painted the skin colour, I drew the eyes, eyebrows, nose, moustache and mouth with black colour. For his mouth, I painted the teeth with white colour and his tongue with red colour.

Then, I mixed white, pink and yellow colours together to get the skin colour I wanted. Then, I painted it on his face, neck and hand. I also painted the shoes with black colour.

After that, I wrote 83 Nick . I also drew the shapes to add the numbers of fans, skill, luck and im. Then, I wrote the number fans, skill, luck and im on them and below. Then, I painted their backgrounds with various colours. I used blue, orange, violet, pink and green colours on them. Finally, I successfully completed the drawing of 83 Nick and I am satisfied with my result.

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Rising star is a play to earn game in rising star game. I like rising star game and I have been playing rising star game for 506 days.

Today, I bought two cards for rising star game. I decided to buy an epic card today. So, I checked the epic cards in the market. I saw E194 Archar card and I liked it .I bought it because it has 650 fans,500 skill, 15 luck, 10 im, and it also costs only 40065 starbits.

Then, I bought another card, R 412 Max. It is a rare people card and it costs 5938 starbits. It has 100 fans, 100 skill, 4 luck and 2 im.

Now, I have 1288 cards in the game. My level in the game is 130.

I am doing missions every day and I completed 6771 total missions. My player ranking for today is 310.

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