Wrestling Organization Online: MINING REWARD & STAKING

Hello Wrestlers!

Long time no see!

How are you today?
I hope you all are well. As for
me I am fine too.

Today I would like to share you
about Mining Reward and Staking.
I did not catch the Woo Alpha
General Sale events. I could not buy
packs. I checked back to my Woo
Web page. I was wonder when I see
my nfts mining rewards. So lets see
the reward how much I got.

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NFTs Mining Reward

Let me tell you how can you get the
reward from NFTs mining pool.

  • You can put your NFTs card in
    mining pool.
  • If you put Legendary NFT card in
    Mining pool you can get more
    chance to win the rewards.

I put all my NFTs card into mining
pool. Those are 1 Legendary and 5
Common NFts cards. I received 2
Hive worth of 1369 Woo tokens
from NFTs Mining.


According to my long term plan, I staking all the Woo tokens I got from mining. I have total 1856
$Woo staking.

NFTs mining1369
Previous Staked487
Now total Staked1856

What is Woo?

Wrestling Organization Online is a
play-to-earn business management
game where players can build their
wrestling Organization by acquiring
wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and
competing to earn more of the
games own token $WOO.

How to earn $Woo?

You can earn $Woo by 4 ways they
are -

So its easy like HP delegation. And
you can get perfect information
on that web site. Mining Legendary
card can get a chance to earn more

I will buy some packs and try to get
$woo as much as I can. That all
my activities of Woo staking.

Thanks for reading. And I hope
you enjoy my post.

How do you think?

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Post creator : @myanmarkoko
From : Myanmar
Name: KoKoMoeHein


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