Incorporating objective criticism in daily life!

Criticism- we all do that. Sometimes verbally or through our react or sometimes in our minds. Did you notice how you feel after criticizing someone badly? I can guarantee you it doesn't give you pressure for long. Deep inside it makes us more conscious about others and shits our focus from our personal development.



But there's one criticism which can help us in many ways. I would say, it's necessary also. You may hear about Objective Criticism. Today, I'm gonna share some tips which I find very helpful to incorporate objective criticism in our daily life.

If you have to criticize something, if you feel that it will help then, go for it. But always keep positive feedback ahead. Prise the person or their work for doing great and then tell what you think can be improved.

Choose polite words and be humble. Our words decide if people will accept them or not. Using polite words can help others accept criticism easily.

Show, don't tell. Sometimes you may feel the opposite is not still ready to accept criticism. In that case, try to show them how to do that, make an example.

Focus on the problem. Sometimes we criticize persons over their work. It may their fault but there's no output to criticize them. So rather show them what they need to improve in their work.

Be an example. When we criticize, it's obvious that people will point towards us too. So, try to set examples, help others to improve.

Don't make it huge. Never take criticism as an open to disrespect someone, don't gossip about it. We always can choose a better way to criticize.

Sometimes it's hard to find a way to criticize someone/something objectively. But holding our emotions, showing the reality, being polite, and doing these can help us. Show your reasons through your action to make others understand why criticism was necessary. I hope this gonna help!

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