Embarrassing Moment? There's This One...

As much as this prompt is fun for me because I will be reading some funny and embarrassing moments of people, I feel it isn't so much fun for me when it's time to share mine. If embarrassment was a person, I could be made that one person... I've had so many of them, it's as if it happens once or twice monthly for me until recently though. It has reduced drastically, an evidence that I'm learning from each of them even though it doesn't guarantee total avoidance of such experiences.

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I once complimented a woman on her pregnancy with the words "Pregnancy looks really good on you" only for me to find out that she is not pregnant at all... Oh no! You don't want to know how embarrassing that was for the woman and I, people around couldn't stop staring. I made up a phone call to run away. I still wonder today what led me to give a compliment to that woman when I hardly give one physically and to a stranger.

Or is it those times I would mishear words people say and reply with answers that make a lot of sense to me but makes no sense at all to the what was said... I'll almost shed tears whenever that happens but I guess that helped me improve my level of listening, now I'd rather make the person repeat what is said first before I reply lol.

There are also embarrassing moments of me waving to someone who's actually waving to another person and moments when my umbrella flies off the hook or turns inside out when it rains heavily, moments when I bump into someone I've told that I won't be chanced to meet... These may be just words but the times I experienced them, I've never been more prayerful for the ground to open up and swallow me or a bright light to blind the eyes watching me 😂

Those are embarrassing moments for me but there's this one...

I've always thought I was good at forecasting how the weather will be especially during rainy days... I could make exceptions to some days that it wouldn't rain and it really wouldn't. But I guess that day came for me to quit the idea of me believing that I could become a meteorologist someday if my other passions doesn't work out 🥲 I forecasted a day very wrongly.

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It was a bit cold that morning, the weather wasn't so bright and I was feeling a little under the weather or so I thought so I concluded that it was going to rain heavily that day... Seriously, you should come to me for your weather forecasting, I'm too good.

I put on a hoodie, wore a thick material skirt and took an umbrella too... All set for whatever may happen for that day (I mean, for the rain that was coming) What I didn't know was that the whatever would be a hot and burning sun 😩 you needed to see how my confident self in a hoodie transformed into a beautiful sweating and embarrassed lady.

I couldn't go back home and everyone around me seemed to have gone there prepared with their light wears. I can't give an account of the number of times I was asked why I had a hoodie on when it's burning hot that day. I? couldn't lie that I was feeling under the weather as the sweat was too obvious and I heard some older ladies making jokes and laughing about people who are on thick clothes, black blouse when it's as if we are all close to a fire.

Yes, maybe they weren't talking about me but I heard them and that was definitely a stray bullet on me. I kept using the hoodie to clean off my sweat because yeah, I confidently left my many handkerchiefs at home thanks to my super forecasting ability. I had to face the embarrassing fate four hours and surprisingly, I couldn't stop feeling embarrassed because the sun heat didn't die down at all.

Ever since then, I've literally banned myself from such preparations except it actually rains while I'm about going out 😂 saddest thing was that I lost my umbrella in that embarrassing situation. Oh what a day that day was! Lol


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