Special Moment in my Life

Hello Hivers Today is the Last Month of 2023 of the year I will be sharing a delightful story of how we planned last month of December


At first it been said on every last month of the year every money you worked up at beginning of the month you spent it all in December and December it called a month of Rest you rest your body and get it working again

My favorite Day I enjoyed in December always start from on the 20th of December till the Ending of December 31st while is it like that due to the spirit is always Motivated a lot of fun happens during that time fun Like;

  • Walking down the street seeing Beautiful Christmas trees
  • Seeing decoration of Lights all over the street
    *Carnival taking Places
    *Gathering with Family Preparing a Sweet Home Made Meal and sharing Love around
  • Sometimes you Get to see free Money from family
  • Eating Chicken a Lot
  • And also getting to watch new Tv Series at Decoder Such as Nickelodeon
  • Going Party with friends and Family

There are a lot more still goes on and ways feel happy during these times and also you get to witness the Sound of knockout and the joy and laughter of everyone it the best day I ever enjoy and me am a foodie I eat a lot of food from neighbors, friends and Family

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