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Hi Friends!

Today, I changed my mind from writing another splinterlands post because something great happened in the city today and I thought to remember this awesome incident into a post.

For those in hive who are not yet familiarized with the City, It's an awesome community created and running by @neoxian. The City of Neoxian resembles as a virtual city in the world of hive where people around the world come together to chill and hang out. Mr. Neoxian also does interesting giveaways and support us citizens.

Today, as we were chatting as usual, Mr. Neoxian appeared with one of his most sought giveaways. To win this poem giveaway, one have to write an original poem about a certain topic. This time, he told us to write a poem on how @xawi needs to laugh 😂. Just a moment earlier, Captain @burlarj was showing us his recent pictures of a pool party and seeing that, @xawi laughed out so loud in front of her father that she felt like an idiot and blamed burl for making her laugh all of a sudden 😅.


But little did she know that the Dragon eye is watching. As the funny chat was ongoing, Mr. Dragon dropped the poem Giveaway and as you can see from the ss, we were literally laughing out loud XD

Anyways, it was only a 10 minute window to write down a sizzling short poem about our dear officer and why she should laugh without hesitation and we already have some Pro poets in city who holds record of winning these poem / writing type giveaways. Sometimes, I don't even enter poem giveaways when seeing those poets active 😁 but this time, I just went with the flow and started focusing into writing.


As the time ended, Mr. Neoxian said he have received many good poems and it will take time for him to evaluate them and select the winner. Some minutes after, he finally came out with the results and it melted down my mango brain because I won the poem giveaway! I really felt blessed because it is considered to be the toughest giveaways. My friend @b0s also won the second prize and both of us got rewarded with 100% and 40% vote from Neoxian respectively.

As we all shared our writing after the results, I really got carried away reading other's entries. Let me first share with you all along with their hive user name.

Beyond's Entry (Hive Acc - @beyondhorizonmm)

Laugh Xawi
You need to laugh out loud.
Your father will also laugh too.
Father likes their little girl laughing.
I have two girls so I can understand his feeling.
I just remember the song "Butterfly fly away".
This is story of a girl and her single father.
Even though it is very hard to raise a girl on his own.
Her father can raise her very well.
I hope he will see your grow up with happiness filling in his eyes.
This would be a story a a girl and her loving father.

Esther Emmanuel's Entry (Hive Acc - @esther-emmanuel)

Laughter cannot be bought Xawi
Laughter comes from your inner self
Your laughter brightens the city
It's wild but soothing
It's required but necessary
When you laugh, you get rid of your wrinkles
Laugh more and look like a baby
Laugh away your worries and be free
Laugh more and happy daughter to baba
Xawi, laugher is priceless.

Burlarj's Entry (Hive Acc - @burlarj)

There is a girl in the city
Her name is xawi khan
xawi khan of pakistan
who doesn't joke with her baba
who pamper her like his sunshine

every here and there, she can be seen easing herself with chai
and then she comes to the city to have a good laugh
if you blink twice, she laugh
if you change pix, she laughs
she notice every small head and dry chest
the tiny leg never go unnoticed
her eyes sees everything

The goddess of laughter
will always see a reason to laugh
you can't hide from her
she will always see something in you that will tickle her
and next moment, you can see her laughing away her heart

She lost her heart this way
she never stop laughing though
but still searching for her missing heArt
hoping one day the laughter that made her lose it would help her found it again

B0s's Entry (Hive Acc - @b0s)

Laughter is good for the soul
It makes you feel better inside
Laugh xawi laugh, so you can feel great
Laugh xawi laugh, it doesn't matter if Baba is watching
Laughter is contagious who knows Baba may join you.
Laugh xawi it is good for you.

Lion's Entry (Hive Acc - @hive-world)

Smile is the mark of a happiness ;
Gentle smile of a lady kindles love just like the way xawi laugh even in front of her father
Smile, laughter and humour is certain in the atmosphere of good community which happen in the city of neoxian to everyone of us not only xawi;
Humour produces smiles and laughs

.. and lastly, My entry (Hive Acc - @mango-juice)

Oh my xawi, its ok to smile, :)
no one's gonna case a file!

See us citizens,
we do always smile,
it reduces our stress,
and pump up our style!
smile all the time,
not just once a while,
Cause it keep you happy,
and fixes the hearts fragile.

Oh my xawi, its ok to smile,
no one's gonna case a file!

I hope all of you enjoyed reading the sweet and funny poems above. Pardon our mistakes you have find any, cause it was a 10 minutes quick write-up contest. And if you are already racing your mind about this amazingly amazing City, please don't hesitate to join us!

City is currently being located on element app. Just install element in your PC/mobile, register your ID and then use this link to get into the city! Also feel free to comment below if you have any queries!

By the way, If you are wondering about the city's active time zone, please know that.....
the City that Never Sleeps. 🔥🐉

I hope you loved reading a different type of blog this time. Please visit again!


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