THE WAR: How Corporate Media Hides the Truth

It is not the news what you can find in corporate media — they are fake news. The real news is what they are trying to hide. These are the news you won’t find in corporate media…

Today we have a few examples of how corporate media are desperately trying to save Imperial Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix by spinning and hiding true information. For example, nobody in the corporate media will explain to you the phenomenon of 22 U.S. veterans (over 45,000 in the last six years) taking their own lives on average every single day. Nobody in the corporate media will tell you that more military personnel are dying by suicide when they come HOME from war, than are being killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. For that, you will have to turn to alternative news:

Duration: 5:15

But that is only the beginning…

Iran cover-up

At the example of Vietnam, military/industrial complex learned that their warmongering can’t be successful if there is a constant line of information about the casualties among U.S. Army. Since then, those info are under the tightest possible control. If corporate media has to publish a death of an American soldier, it will do it in small print at the margin of page 17, or in a short TV report long after midnight. And it will use euphemisms in those cases. How’s that look like? For example, Iranian ballistic missile attack st the U.S. Army bases located in Iraq on January 8th. Immediately after the attack, corporate media reported Trump’s words that no AMERICANS were injured… something like this:

While it may technically be the truth, because in the U.S. Army there are many ‘contractors’ ie. mercenaries and ‘green card soldiers’, who are not U.S. citizens, that doesn’t mean that U.S. Army didn’t have any casualties. How many did it have? Well, Pentagon issued a report about “34 US troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injury following the Iranian strikes on two US bases earlier this month…” Imagine that. 34 soldiers with the same (tiny) problem of ‘traumatic brain injury’. That would mean they were declared brain-dead. But before you start arguing that they were already have been provably brain-dead, or otherwise they would not join the Army in the first place, there is one more interesting question: Why Pentagon didn’t announce they had 34 casualties immediately after the Iranian attack? Several reasons:

  • First, that would have a devastating effect to the moral of the troops in the region.

  • Second, because of very negative view among the ‘Allies’ in the region, to whom they sold a story about the invincible and untouchable U.S. Army.

  • Third, such number of casualties would provoke a wave of anti-war protests which would mean a catastrophe for the stock price of the military/industrial and oil stealing corporations.

  • Fourth, the term ‘traumatic brain injury’ is used as an euphemism, a false excuse that implies how they were injured, and then Army has done everything to save their lives IN HOSPITAL, while evading avoiding negative reporting and — depriving families of the deceased of combat death compensation!

A contract with the U.S. Army is nothing short of a contract with the Devil himself.

Where is the Devil?

Speaking of Devil — what is he doing these days at Middle East? Well the Devil is actually paying U.S. troops to get killed for their interests…

…and also paying extremely well to the corporate media so they can forget what he is doing:

Source: fortrussnews

The Medieval-like Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed 184 people in 2019, the most in a calendar year in six years, human rights organization Reprieve reported, calling it a “grim milestone” for the country, known for its support of terrorism worldwide.

There was a short period after the gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi, where Washington Post reported on that crime, but as soon as Saudi’s have payed… Can you find this in corporate media now?

Washington Post also reported on Afghanistan war as a continued disaster without any chance for a positive outcome. That one was motivated by the lost computing contract with DoD worth $10 billion. And even this one was quickly buried under the pile of irrelevant and trivial news…

Doing the Devil’s work

Trump may occasionally slip on corporate media and disclose what is really happening, but whenever those media can spin or completely hide the truth, they will do it. Do you remember a story, almost a year ago, about four U.S. soldiers died in an ambush in Niger? That story got to New York Times, but instead of an investigation, the reaction was remained limited to to the astounded statements made by the Congressmen who didn’t know that U.S. has any troops in Niger! Nobody was demoted, even less fired, tried or punished after the affair. National Security interest, you know… But that is not the only example. You have a fresh one, from the January 5th this year, about an attack on a U.S. military outpost in Kenya that resulted in at least three casualties and in a heavy loss of several aircrafts, including extremely expensive reconnaissance airplane of the latest generation.

Or, for example, the truth hidden by corporate media, about the extremist nature of Ukrainian ‘democratic government’ that has taken over power in the 2014 coup. Since then, those ‘democrats’ done everything they can to rehabilitate one of the worst war criminals in Ukraine, Stepan Bandera, nicknamed “Hitler’s professional agent.” Under the requirements of Nazi War Crime Disclosure Act, the CIA has declassified documents on Bandera’s atrocities and aiding Hitler. The report, under title “Stepan Bandera and the Ukrainian State in 1941” is now available to everybody, and you can find in it who Bandera really was. In it, he is described as “the Ukrainian fascist and professional agent of Hitler Stepan Bandera (the agent nickname Consul 2)”, who proclaimed the reconstruction of the state of Western Ukraine in Lviv. You also can find description of the atrocities committed by armed Bandera gangs in Nazi-occupied territory:

“In just five weeks of the existence of the ‘state’ of Bandera, 5 thousand Ukrainians, 15 thousand Jews and several thousand Poles were murdered”

Despite the facts, no corporate media is reporting that in modern Kiev there are regular torchlight procession of Bandera’s openly Nazi supporters, and the new head of the “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” declares Bandera an eternal “national hero”. Or that the last rally held by Ukrainian police was called “Bandera, Arise!” Yes, those are the people Victoria Nuland, John McCaine, Biden family, Geoffrey Pyatt and the rest of Imperial officials to this day, have brought to power.

Or, for example scandal around faked OPCW Douma Report which would − in a normal cicumstances with the real informative outlets − be a sensational stuff for the breaking news and first pages everywhere. Not in corporate media. If you want to know the truth, you would have to go to Wikileaks. Ah, yes, Wikileaks…

Of course, this text wouldn’t be complete without a reminder to the most blatant case of corporate media silence, which is continuing through almost eight years of persecution of a true journalist who revealed what they were hiding…

Don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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