HIVE: Registration and First Login with PeakD (Tutorial)

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Hive is the blockchain that I love and I try to take every opportunity to promote Hive with family and friends and anyone who shows interest in the principles of decentralization and freedom.

As I have done for the last people who have followed my advice and have chosen to register on Hive I will delegate 30 HP for a period of at least 4 months to anyone of my friends and acquaintances will join Hive.

Lately 4 people have shown interest and I hope they will decide to abandon Facebook and Co. and choose to start their decentralized adventure on Hive.

Instead of just sending them the link to register on Hive I thought I'd write a short post, with the steps to register and some useful tips and links to make their start easier.

Let's start with the registration.


The starting point to create a Hive account is the website:


There are various ways to subscribe to Hive:

  • free registration without verification
  • free registration with verification (email and/or phone...)
  • Paying registration (instant and without verification)

I recommend choosing one of the free options.
I have verified that at the moment only does not allow registration.
You can choose any of the registration providers that offer the creation of your account totally free of charge.

For example, if you choose to register through HiveOnboard and click on the button marked Sign Up ( you will see the following screenshot.


1. You must choose your username.

If the username of your choice is available you will see a check mark like the one shown in the image below.


2. After checking the box before "I agree to the terms of service" you can click on the button with the words CONTINUE.


3. On the next screen you will see your passwords.


You won't have just one password but 5 different passwords and each one has a different use:

  • Posting Key: it is used for social activities.
    It is the key you will use most frequently and is used to post, comment and vote. You don't have to use other keys for blogging activities.
  • Active Key: has additional permissions in addition to the posting key and is needed to complete monetary transactions such as transferring and exchanging tokens.
  • Owner Key: is the key that allows you to change all other passwords.
  • Memo Key: is the key that allows you to encrypt and decrypt messages sent to and from your account.
  • Master Password: from the Master Password you can get all other passwords.


On Hive there is no password reset function and you will never find the words "Forgot your password?".

For this reason make a backup copy of your passwords and keep them with the maximum care. I recommend that you also write them on paper in case, for example, your hard disk or the device you have chosen to store your keys should stop working.

Back to the registration process.

4. Click on the DOWNLOAD BACKUP button to save a text file containing all your passwords.


5. Click on the button marked CREATE HIVE ACCOUNT to proceed with the creation of your Hive account.

I already have an account and I will not click on the button to create the account and then you will complete the registration process which is very simple anyway.

image.png or Peakd?

There are several web interfaces to access the blockchain of Hive and interact with other users of Hive.
The main web interfaces are:

My favorite front-end is and I highly recommend you to use it instead of because it's much easier to use and has so many built-in features that doesn't have.


The first access to Peakd

To use PeakD you must first login.

1. Click on the word Login as indicated by the arrow in the next image.

Login copy.jpg

2. On the next screen:
- 1 Enter the Hive username
- 2 Login via Hive Keychain

Login3 copy.jpg



Hive Keychain is a very useful tool that allows secure access to the blockchain of Hive.
It is my favorite method of access.
It is an extension available for the following browsers:

I recommend you install Hive Keychain now and access peakd with Hive Keychain.


The alternative to Hive Keychain is Hivesigner.


After clicking the image button at the top you will see the following screenshot


1. Enter your Username
2. Enter your Private Active Key
3. Choose a password to encrypt your keys when using Hivesigner

I'll stop at the first login and send back to a next post an in-depth explanation about using PeakD.

First tips and some useful links

Hive is a world that I like very much because it was born and is based on two principles that I have very much at heart:

  • decentralization
  • Freedom

If you have chosen to join Hive you have taken a first step to break the oppressive chains of widespread centralization in the society in which we live.

From the moment you join Hive you are not a simple user of the Hive blockchain but you are a part of Hive.

  • You can write content and be rewarded if other users like your content
  • You can vote to reward an author who has written a post that was to your liking
  • You can join one of the many communities on Hive and get to know people who have the same interests as you
  • You can create a community yourself or you can create a DAPP (a decentralized app)
  • You can create your own token to distribute or to sell it
  • You can do so many things that in a centralized world you couldn't even imagine doing...

If you've just signed up on Hive you've made the right choice!

Here are some tips that I hope will help you:

  • Don't copy and don't plagiarize
    On Hive content must be original, if you have other blogs or use other social networks posted before on Hive. You can share the same content on all the channels you want but only afterwards.
  • When you write your first presentation post enter the tag introduceyourself and use it only once.
    With this tag your post will have more exposure because all Hive users are happy when the Hive community grows.
  • When you publish a post always choose a community (the equivalent of the Facebook group) within which to publish your content.
  • Install Discord (a widely used communication channel for Hive users and communities).
    Discord links:
  • There are many communities on Hive. You can see them all by clicking on the following link:

I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading it.


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