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Greetings to you dear Hiveans. Hope your weekend is great. I saw this post by @beeber when i read @funshee post on helping hands. I followed all the link @funshee included in her post and discovered @xplosive page on Hive whom @beeber mentioned as where the inspiration for this topic of Helping Hands came from.

The topic Interest me so much because everyone need helping hand in so many ways. If I have millions in the house and have no one in the house enjoying the money with me. One day when I fall sick, I will see that money can not go out to buy anything or even say sorry to me. Rather I will need someone to do that.

A tree can never make a forest. In normal life and on Hive we need help of each user. Come to think of it, Hive is Designed to be a win win platform to show that they are here to extend helping hands to so many people. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you @beeber and all the whales here who having been supporting everyone here on have especially those who are contributing to hive blockchain.

Helping Hands

Who do you know on HIVE who is in desperate need of help right now? Or deliberately look for such people this week to draw attention to them here.

Honestly newbies who are consistent on Hive really need help. On individual problems, i don't know those on hive who needs help that is why I pick interest on this topic and i will be supporting in my own little way. I am out now than before to look out those that have need on Hive. Many people i know are outside Hive.

Can a little money really help to change a situation for the better in the long run?

Capital yes is my answer, little drop of water can make an ocean with time so what ever we have to help another person, we should not hold it back because it is small. Urine of one person may not really foam in a bucket but when many people unirate in a bucket, it will foam very well..

Our HP on hive can go along way to help those in need. Our esency point can help too. From the day i learned that you can use your esency point to boost another person post. I have not hold it onto myself again. I know how to accumulate esency point so i accumulate it and use it to help others.

Though i don't have much HP but each time @esency mention me and the person i boosted his or her post, i feel good. Yes there is that inner joy when you give out from your heart. Esency point has one along way to do that.

What could you do instead or in addition?

Engagement is another way to help, yes when you engage on a post, it gives the author that sense of belonging. 2 of you can engage for a while and build friendship. Some of his Hive friend will also upvote your post each time they want to upvote him. It is through engagement that i came to know @bradleyarrow and so many great authors. @humbe and @tydynrain, the list is so long so when you engage, you give help and recieve help too.

Have you ever been in need of help yourself and been lucky enough to find it?

Let me say here on Hive, i have been in need so much to understand Hive. It was so difficult for me when I want write on Alive Tribe. I read the guide and read some post in the community but is was still difficult . I started dropping question under some post i read like @heartbestonhive @youarealive,@flaxz and many of them.

They patiently guide me and Todd am better than yesterday. I still remember the day i did delegation using esency app. I was confused so much that i have to call @fokusnow to help me so I have been in need and i received help from fellow Hiveians.

Do you ever consciously use your Hive Voting Power to help?

Though the value is small, i do use it regularly, i have received delegation from friends and am using it daily to support quality post on Hive.

In summary, i have explained that we all need helping hand. And no matter how small we have, we should not hold it back. We can use esency point, HP, LP, AP to help others here on Hive blockchain.

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