Promoting Education By Sponsoring Some Children In School Through The Hive Blockchain


What a day it was for us to go out as a team to give some help to the children and society at large.

Educating the younger generation is an act that should not to be taken as a joke because if anyone is enlightened he will do everything possible to defend the knowledge that he already has.







How It All Started

I have grown to discover that I have a thing or two about the welfare of mankind. When I see someone going through difficult times or even hear of one, my heart lives me to go around finding ways to proffer solutions and when it's down, it delights me so much. This kind of heart has grown with me to date and beyond.

A friend of mine who works as a classroom teacher in the school drew my attention to some children who sought to be legally registered in school but are not due to their parents not having the money to do so. After thinking about it for some time, I resolved to do something about it when school resumes. Due to not having many sponsors at a point I was seriously discouraged but decided to silently write on my blog while I hope for a good day.

Not too long an opportunity showed up, and neoxiancity members decided to have a charity arm. Immediately, it came up again, and thankfully my birthday was a few days away. Then I decided to discuss it with my husband and he didn't say no to my resolution. Shortly I contacted my friend to look for at least 5 children that needs some help in the school.

She informed me that some children in the neighborhood don't go to school due to their parents didn't have much for them and that even eating was a challenge, and some do sneak into the school to learn but have not paid.

The plan began, @ adaezeinchrist was able to accompany us to the stationary store to get some of the writing materials then we moved to the printer to negotiate on the customization of the notebooks.

Arriving at the school we met the school authority and then introduced ourselves. Everyone was so happy to receive us. The children were so happy and we saw that all over their faces. We made sure that their names get entered into the school register. Also, we presented the writing materials we went with.

The place of school registration has been taken care of, at last, now the thing that's is left is to get them school uniforms so that they can appear like others. So many of the pupils in the school do not have school uniforms so they go to school with housewares, some of their school uniforms have been seriously damaged so when you see them you will not like to behold twice because of how they look. At least for these five children, I will like them to look completely like others with school uniforms, sandals, and socks.

This project was self-sponsored, the breakdown of the expenditure is below;

Number of pupils5
Registration1,500 each×5=7,500
Writing Materials2,400
Total#12,900 I.e 53.75 hive

I sincerely appreciate my fellow hivers @adaezeinchrist and @fasacity who accompanied me for this work, I felt honored. Also to all the neoxiancity family for the cheering we got all the way.

All the teachers and the pupils were so happy with what they saw and received and it was possible because of the #hive blockchain.

We will also love to do more as opportunity avails itself because there are lots of children who need help and when they don't get it some of the resort to terrorism and that is the genesis of what we are facing today.

They were not thank you all, I love you so much.

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