Story of the lucky man who escaped from the COVID19 despite being in close contact with a case

Yesterday One Omani gentleman came to my chamber. The previous day he received the booster dose of the Sinopharm COVID19 vaccine. The next day he started having fatigue, weakness and body pain. These are quite common among vaccines receivers. Moreover, his timing of onset of symptoms was associated with vaccination. So, I didn't suggest doing the COVID19 test at first. Anyway, these symptoms also are found in COVID19 patients!!


One of his friends with whom he stays in the same room in his workplace also visited our clinic with flu symptoms. His friend didn't take the booster dose with him. So, another GP doctor suggested his friend do the test. The rapid antigen test came back positive for his friend.

Seeing the result, my patient panicked and came to me to do the COVID19 test. He wanted to do the PCR test for confirmation. His friend, who did a rapid antigen test first also gave another sample for the PCR test.

Today morning the report came. His friend's test was positive but he (my patient) was negative. Despite staying with a confirmed COVID19 case, he didn't get the virus. In the time of the highly transmissible omicron variant, it is quite surprising.

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Here is a total guideline

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