Flower & Vegetable : Beauty and Dish

Today, it is the favorite topic of Housewives or Ladies.
Flower and Vegetable.

The flower is a rose.
The rose is the color of turmeric.
A beautiful rose with a mix colour of red and yellow.
Rose is the favorite flower of Ladies.
It's beautiful. The smell is also sweet.

Vegetables are food.
We call this vegetable as Hin Nyant.
I like to eat and drink Hin Nyant curry soup with spicy green chilies.
Some people add the hin nyant vegetables to the sour soup curry.
A dish for Housewives.

What do roses and curry leaves have to do with each other?
Nothing relevant.
Her beauty and her.
Her worth and her.
But, beauty for Ladies and a dish for housewives are compared.

Now, how do you feel?


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