When Cheating And Mistreatment Cross The Line.

One of the principles I live with is that humans are not perfect and for this reason, I overlook a lot of silly things people do. I am also human and making mistakes isn't far from me because we are all bound to it. Imperfection is one of our qualities but sometimes humans cross the boundary of their imperfections, some people enjoy doing these things to us despite knowing how much we detest it.

I am a very cool-headed person who chooses peace always and a few people have mistaken my gentle approach to issues as a sign of weakness until they experience the unfamiliar side of me. I am really not the type who gets angry easily, I overlook things severally before reacting and realised that overlooking things is what prompts people to repeat those annoying things. I adopted the habit of condemning people's silly habits whether it's a mistake or not in the simplest way and make sure it doesn't develop any negative feelings between us. With this method, I have been able to prevent people from repeating things but there are still obstinate people who hide under the umbrella of mistake.

Once is a mistake, twice can still be considered as a mistake but when it keeps happening, then it's no longer a mistake.

I hear this a lot in the environment where I grew and it's very correct. Imagine being electrocuted for the first time because you made a mistake, it would be difficult for us to repeat such a mistake but it's the other way around when dealing with a fellow human. People do annoying things repeatedly and claim it's a mistake but the truth is that they enjoy doing that thing to us.


Saying SORRY is the easiest of things for me to do and I don't hesitate to say it even when I am not not at fault. I just say it to make peace reign but there are scenarios in which I wouldn't apologize for my reaction.
Being cheated or taken for granted are things that piss me off a lot and it hits me differently when the culprits think I don't have a choice but to endure whatever mistreatment I am getting. You cannot treat me like shit and expect me to treat you differently, that's impossible and I don't care about whatever relationship we have because I will rub that shit in your face if you don't take correction after my friendly approach.

I once shared a story about my superior at work who threw shit at me because he noticed how every member of his team relates to me. Everyone ran to me for solutions other than him and he felt threatened of losing the grip he had on the team. Ridiculing me was the only thing he could think of and after enduring the first time plus calling his attention to it, he still repeated it and I didn't hesitate to put him in his place. Everyone was shocked and when some senior colleagues got involved, they demanded that I apologize because he was my senior age-wise and at work.
I laughed a lot that day and eventually told them that if not saying sorry would make me lose my job, I would rather choose to be jobless. They all knew how much I cherish the job and for me to give such a response, I was really mad.

I didn't say sorry and it ended whatever relationship I had with him. He started assigning tough tasks and blamed me for every little mistake in the team but I stood my ground against apologizing until I left the job.

Many of us were raised to be respectful and always apologise especially when an elder is involved but the world is not what it was during our parent's time. A lot of things have changed, and many people won't hesitate to treat you like shit if you go about apologizing every time even when you have every right not to be mad.

A lot of people who choose to remain silent and even apologize despite being the victims end up falling into a depressive state just because they keep bottling up things that they should have spat out. Like I mentioned earlier, saying sorry isn't a big deal but not in a situation where I am being cheated or taken for granted.

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