The Art Of Guiding With Compassion.

Looking out for the people around me is one of the things I love to do because I believe that's one of our purposes on earth. God was concerned after creating Adam, he knew the world would be a boring place for just one person to roam in and created Eve to be his companion.

To my understanding, we aren't here just for ourselves and it's a huge blessing when we can fulfil that part of our purpose in life. One of God's commandments says "Love your neighbour as yourself" and one of the ways to go about it is by guiding the people around us when they aren't doing what's right; not what we think is not right but what is truly not right because I have seen cases where people try to impose their beliefs on people in form of guidance.


As a teenager, I have had so many life experiences huge enough to guide even my peers and I don't hesitate to do so when necessary. There was a time I had to squat at a family friend's place for about two years just because of some family financial challenges.

Within two weeks of staying there, I noticed that the second child of the family gambled a lot. I didn't even know sports gambling existed at that age and I got to know about it from this boy because he was kind of obsessed with it.

Immediately I noticed, I spoke to him about it and didn't stop at just that time. Whenever I see him holding bet tickets, I always warn him against it and he started hiding.

He wasn't as smart as me so I always caught him and didn't desist from warning him. Getting his parents involved wouldn't end nicely and I didn't want my presence to be a problem in the house so I just kept everything happening to myself. With every day that passed, this boy's addiction increased and I knew it would ruin him but since he wasn't listening, there wasn't much I could do.

One evening, his dad told me that he was suspecting something and he wanted me to verify it for me. He sent me to the boy's coaching centre to check if he had registered for Jamb.

He brought home some slips but they didn't look authentic so I set out the next day to visit the coaching center and the truth was revealed. His dad's suspicion was right and I was shocked to the bone. This boy didn't just skip jamb registration, he hadn't been attending classes.

I felt terrible and didn't know how to break the news to the old man. On my way back home, I met the boy roaming around and asked him what happened to the Jamb registration fee. He started giving different explanations and I knew he had gambled with the money, I made up my mind not to get involved with him in any way even though we shared the same bedroom.

He pleaded that I hid the secret and I promised not to tell his dad about it. We arrived home together and I patiently waited for him to settle inside his room before breaking the news to his dad.

The man was heartbroken and hell was let loose that day. I felt bad because the old man was struggling to give them a better life but he was misusing the opportunity many kids including myself wish they had.

The event ended whatever relationship I had with the boy and he kept grudges with me until I left the place. We didn't speak for a while and about four years later, he finally made it into the university. I was surprised to see his call, he apologized for everything that happened between us and I was happy he is now a changed person.

Sometimes, a lot of people feel inconvenienced when we insist on guiding them to do what's right and until they get ridiculed on that wrong path, they won't learn their lessons.

They choose to learn the hard ways and it's best to let them get burnt so they can learn what's right.

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