China being locked in! Countries lock the border to China.

Wow. Well I hear a bunch of the neighboring countries have now started to lock down the border to China. Personally this should have been done by China and put the entire country on lockdown.

No international flights should be flying anymore.

Yes with the spread of this posting some absolutely amazing numbers we should keep into account that this is just the beginning.

The transmission speed as well as the rest of the herd needs to be thought of.

the economic impact on China is going to be immense let alone the rest of the world.

Imagine what's going to happen when the population is massively sick and we have a huge number of deaths because of this. People are not going to be able to go to work and the people who are living at the edge are definitely going to fall over.

I really like watching this guy's work. I noticed he is about a day behind of the information that I'm being updated with.

Trying not to brag but honestly enough it is quite a bit of self-preservation motivating me too have the current information.

I've definitely got to make sure that my puppy dog has enough food and is safe. If he's got food I'm okay.

Well I hope everybody is going to be careful out there.

Personally what I'm hearing is that people are starting to take appropriate measures but it is too late. The virus is already exploded into 13 other countries.

And on top of it the Chinese tourists have passed this around to the point where people who did not travel to Wuhan are getting sick.

This underlines how explosively transmissible this virus is.

Personally it is about as transmissible as the hate from raw pride is....

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