Think Big,Work Steadily, Achieve Fast.

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Its a good day to all of you.I hope you are doing great with your life and work, with the daily burden and the vexations.Going with the plans that you have for your life is something that makes the life meaningful and precise.We all have plans, right?But how many of us know, how to implement those plan in a real life situation and start doing what we know to be successful in the future.The reality is, very few of our plans get successful and most of the works dont find any safe route to go and pursue,ultimately ending in smoke.Thats what happen when we dont have a master game plan to follow.


Now,In my own life, I have also witnessed the same exact situation when I personally made a lot of plans. Plans for my classes to manage in university, plans for maintaining my time in a befitting manner, plans for the weekly expenditure of my money, plans for achieving personlly in a limited time frame, plans for prioritising my early works et etc.So many plans did I have, still I do have a lot of plans that I want to acquire and apply in the course of my works. But, nothing really works in life, until you give up doing too much and start thinking big and thoroughly,thats really one heck of realization I learnt from experience in my life.

There were times when I wanted to be productive and at the same time to be hard working, but I didmt get what I took for granted.The more haste I wanted to be, the more downfall was there for me in my life.I neither could focus on my necessary working priorities and and nor doing it in a precise manner.I felt that, I am missing a vital part somewhere and had the sense that there was a distinct lack of well planned schedule and not having a nice policy was a factor where I was suffering mostly.But,then I thought ok lets do it,lets find it where the gap always make troubles, and shoot the troubles to fix problems and thats how the journey of changing myself began a few years ago.


Like I said, the principles work in all conditions, not in any fixed setting but universally it has the same appeal and doing of things.The first thing what you do for the initiative you want to pursue is,setting plans which is more diversified and getting ready for doing & accomplishing giant tasks at the limited times. Thats where we need to put a full stop and close the gap.When we are starting any project, the first thing is to start small, start steadily,that means thinking big but when we are in pragmatic real lfe, then its mandatory to convert that big plans into actions in a smaller chunks Steadiness has magic, that means being slow at first phase, then trying to slowly increasing the volume of pace,gradually you end up accelerating your motion.

After a few months of doing the small things in a steady pace,you would notice that, the work you do has got pace and you developed speed in your life.Its what make up life in a suitable condition and the progress, development starts to fall in your lap,enriching the stock and achievement little by little and with the process you start to be a moderate worker and achiever. Thats the magic this short plan of work creates. But, in the initial phase, you gotta understand the logic and theory of Thinking big and starting little,in a profound way. It would take some time,but like all other things of life, you only get better at doing things when you give some time in your work.
Success will follow, today or tomorrow if you only get attached to your work, and expand the horizon of smart thinking and doing work precisely.


I hope, my little bit of suggestion would be a nice help to you,may god bless us and we prwctice the same motto to have some development in our life.Its a goodbye for the day here, guys.
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