STITCH FACE - The Extrimity || Psberx Character

"Keep moving guys we are almost there."

"Stitch, we can't make it across that monster robot, It is basically shooting at anything moving."

"C'mon Sonia. We can distract it and Cross over. You too Dunk, don't give up me now."

"Man! Stitch you know I'll ride with you any day, but this is suicide bruv."

"Give up now and all you have lost in this battle will be in vain. So many people have died for this, we can't let them die for nothing!"

"Stitch, I totally understand Dunk's fears. I mean it's not as if it will be all over once we cross MoteK the monster robot."

"Sonia this will be over pretty soon. If we can make it across and possess the heart of jupiter, Cyberpunk will be ours forever."

"Ok stitch let's do this."

"Great! on my go, you both hit MoteK with all you got, while I make a run for it into the Silver tower."

"Be careful Stitch!"

"I'll see you on the other side."

Stitch said as he planted a kiss on Sonia's lips.


Stitch screamed as he started running towards the Tower, while Sonia and Dunk fired continuously at MoteK . Stitch was half way through when MoteK twitched it's neck towards his direction and shot him down. As he fell, he heard Sonia screaming.

"I see the blue skies once again."

Those were his last words as his eyes closed slowly.

        35 years ago

A little boy was playing in the garden, running after butterflies and rolling on the floor every now and then.

"Steve get inside, it's late."

His mother said as she walked up to him, took his hands and walked him into the house.

"Now sit your ass on the dining while I prepare dinner."

"Are we having dinner without Dad?"

"No, dad will be back before dinner is ready."

"Mom why does dad work on Sundays and he works late nights as well. My friends in school always spend Sundays with both of their parents."

"Steve, your Dad is not a regular citizen. He works for top officials in the government and his Job is complicated."

Just then the door opened and Steve's father walked in with danger clearly written on his face.

"Hey sweetheart welcome home, your son was asking about you just now."

Without responding to her greetings, he dragged her out of the kitchen.

"We have to leave now." He said with fear in his voice.

"What is wrong this time?"

"I saw something I was not supposed to see, when they realize this I am as good as dead."

Suddenly, they heard movements around the house.

"They are here, grab our son, let's leave through the back door."

As they were about exiting the building they were blocked my men in suits holding scary guns.

"Going somewhere?" Their leader asked

"You didn't have to bring all these men just for me, you and I can work this out."

"Too late for that," the leader said as he shot him.

"No OO!" Steve's mother screamed grabbing the lifeless body of her husband in her hands.

*"Sorry ma'am nothing personal." The leader said shooting the wife as well. Then he pointed the gun at Steve who has been on the floor in shock.

"C'mon his just a kid."

One of the men said.

*"A kid who will probably come hunting me in future if I don't kill him."

He said as he shot Steve and they all left.

     20 years later

Steve is seen on a rooftop with the picture of a Man in black suit in his hands. He has spent the last few years trying to find the man who killed his parents and shot him in the face. Fortunately for him, the bullet didn't go through, it glazed over his skin leaving a terrible scar on his face when the doctors stitched it. This made him to cover his face with a mask and went by the name Stitch.


Whoever the man was, he was covered by some serious power and authority because it almost seemed impossible for Stitch to find him, always hitting a dead end anytime he was close to finding him. Today was his lucky day, because he finally got him pinned in the building opposite him. He just had to figure out how to get pass the 50 men in suit surrounding the building and who knows how many more were inside.

Blinded by revenge, without minding if he would die in the process, Stitch fought his way to the building. Shooting, throwing grenades and using every weapon at his reach. He was able to defeat the men surrounding the building, perhaps his 15years of intense training wasn't in vain. He walked into the building, gun in hand and fully alert for any sudden movements. He clearly didn't know what to expect, but the building was awfully silent and that didn't feel good. As he walked slowly, exploring the building he pondered if he had the wrong building or if his target managed to escape the building, suddenly he felt something click under his leg, immediately he was swept off his feet by a cage trap. He struggled for a while trying to get out of the cage but it was futile.

"Don't stress yourself, there's no getting out of that."

His target said as he walked in with some of his buddies and body guards.

"You are a very difficult man to kill Mr Stitch or do I call you Steve. I know I should have made sure you were dead the night I killed your parents. What do I do with you now? It will be such a waste to kill you. The perfect place for you us Cyberpunk city."

Stitch was shot with a tranquilizer which knocked him unconscious. He was bagged and teleported to the strange cyberpunk city where humans were enslaved to Robots. Ever since Stitch was brought to Cyberpunk, he has been devoted to escaping the city and complete his revenge. This made him join forces with Sonia, Dunk and some other humans who also wanted to exit Cyberpunk.


What happens next? Does Stitch die in the battle field of Cyberpunk city after being shot by MoteK. You Can Find Out If This Story Line Is Used In the @psyberx game😅

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