The Dawg And The Raccoon

Time check : 2200

Date: Day Of The Cyber Power up.

Moment: 2 hours to Power Up


Knine is seen roaming the streets of Cyber city in search of his masters. Everywhere is dead silent with no sign of life anywhere. After several hours of searching, he stumbled upon a Blue Box, a device used to record information. He played it and he heard his master speak.

"Knine if you are seeing this, then you should know that the fate of the resistance depends on you."

Severe shooting and screaming could be heard clearly in the background. The master continued.

"These punks got wind of our plans and ambushed us, killing hundreds and taking some as prisoners. I don't know how much time I have left so listen carefully."

"At all cost, you must stop the Cyber Punks from powering up, or humanity is doomed for life. Go to the Crossroad in Delvi street, there you would see an underground structure. Take the elevator all the way down. There you would see a timer counting down to the Power up. To stop the power up you must...."

The master couldn't finish the statement, In the background knine could hear a Cyber punk snatch the box and threw it away and the shooting and screaming continued.

"I must what?
Oh no master you have to complete the statement.
I'm totally ruined, the world is ruined.
How can they place the fate of humanity on a clumsy dawg like me."

Knine said as he paced to and fro trying to calm himself down.

"I have to get to the Crossroad."

He said to himself as he ran off, on getting there he did as his master instructed, hopped into the elevator and went all the way down. Then came the hard part. In front of him was a large computer which filled the entire room. On the large screen was the timer counting down


"What do I do now?
How do I stop this.
There should be a red button, I don't see a red button."

Just then a voice came from behind him.

"Well well well
what do we have here?
The stupid resistance have run out of personnels that they send a funny looking dog to save their doomed ass."


Oh no, not Zaku the evil raccoon. Knine said to himself, the raccoon has always been a nightmare to him.

"Ok doggie, let me make this easy for you.
Come with me quietly and I'll reunite you with your masters
Prove stubborn and you may never see them again."

"How about you tell me how to stop this timer
Tell me how to free my masters
And everybody goes home happy."

The raccoon didn't find that so funny. He threw fireballs towards Knine who quickly dodged them, thanks to his super speed. The raccoon looked really surprised.

"Hey Zaku I know that look.
when you realize that your opponent has something you don't."

"Don't be silly doggie,
Just because your masters improved your speed doesn't mean you stand a chance against me."

Zaku said as he released multiple fireballs at Knine simultaneously. Knine kept escaping the fireballs until One finally caught him, sending him across the room, hitting his head hard on the walls, he fell with a thud.

Zaku walked towards him slowly with a big fireball in his hands to finally end his opponent. Few steps away from the dog, Knine jerked up with speed ran towards Zaku grabbing him by the neck.

"Here's another thing you didn't know I can do."

He said hugging Zaku tight as he activated the inbuilt knives in his body which came out piercing several parts of the racoon's body, who slumped lifelessly to the floor.

With his opponent gone, the next thing was to figure out how to end the timer which now read 20 minutes to countdown.

After seeing an entry from @doziekash, I couldn't hold myself from joining this contest held by @bobthebuilder2

[The dog and Raccoon are property of @Peberx and @splinterlands respectively]

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