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It is quite interesting to start a new business, a workout or fitness routine, writing or blogging and so on but it is not as easy as it seems. There are certain factors that hinder people from wanting to start or try something new. This mainly due to fear - fear of failure. There are numerous people out there that have great ideas that could turn out to be a multimillion dollars business but didn't even start at all. There are people who wish to get their desired body by maintaining a healthy diet and registering at a gym but they still live in the state that they do not like due to fear.

I saw a post published by a Nigerian Newspaper on their online platform about a bank worker who was not happy at his job for a long time due to the income he's earning after working from 7am to 7am every day of the year. He has a business idea to start distributing bread to different restaurants, eateries and canteens which he believed would earn him more monthly than his present job. But, he was afraid of what will happen to him if he failed - he'd not be able to return to his present job. To cut the long story short, he got motivated when one his customer in the bank who comes around to deposit huge amounts of money daily told him it's his proceed from his sewing business. That motivated him to quit and he's doing well now according to the reports from the dailies.

Most businesses that are successful today didn't get to that stage only because they are hardworking, determined, resilient, persistent or what have you - it's because they started. You'd not have anything to be determined, dedicated or resilient about if you did not start.

The fear of doing something new is what has cost so many people their dreams. We don't like to change patterns because we want to be in our comfort zone. The negative thoughts starts creeping in and we start asking questions like what if I fail? Sure, you might fail but failure is not the end. My friend, failure is like a ladder taking you to the peak of your success, that's if you learn from the failure, though.

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