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Generally, human being are a special creature born with a high level of instinct. Our instinct is innate and we often don't need anyone to teach us what to do.

Let's take for instance, while you were growing up did anyone teach you how to feel pain if perhaps you hit your foot on a stone, or if you got burnt by a hot cup of coffee or if someone offended you so bad. Did anyone school you on how to feel pity for others when they are in severe pain like some which I highlighted above.

It is natural and innate for us to feel pain when something hurts us and it is the same that is also applicable to us when we feel pity for people that are also hurt.


In another view, it is quite possible that you assist someone who comes to you for one kind of assistance or another if you have the ability to do so. Also, you may decide not to render the help even if you are capable.

It is also possible that you decide to show respect and reverence to an elderly person you meet on your way. On the other hand, you may decide to totally disregard, disrespect and be rude to another elderly person.

You may also shower gifts on some of your friends when they are celebrating their birthday, anniversary or during festive period such as Christmas and you completely ignore some of them too.

Some things are actually possible only if we are open minded. You can reach out to more people by showing them love and kindness only if you open your minds too it. The more we open our hearts and minds we tend to extend kindness to more people and with time when we practice an open mind lifestyle constantly it will become a part of our lives and we'd not have to force it.

You know that your mind is closed when you encounter a little child on the road who needs help and you totally ignore the child. A common scenario is when you are driving by in a raining condition and you see your colleague going to your direction and you ignore the person instead of assisting him or her to work in your car.


Your heart will be permanently closed if you don't start being open minded. Imagine trying to pour water into a container that is covered, or trying to enter through a door that is locked. It will be difficult for the water to enter the container, if at all it's possible and it will be impossible for you to go through a door until it's opened.

I encourage you to be open minded today!

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