The Cunny Death Match

It has been 3 years since the battle of Zeels. The resistance have defeated the Cybers and taken over cyberpunk city. Recently there have been new waves of attack from the splinters. The splinters invaded the Cyberpunk city in search of something unknown to the resistants.



The entire Team matched out to go and battle with the splinters before they come closer to the heart of the city, well except this guy, the 1up guy.


"Everybody doesn't have to go out there.I mean someone needs to stay back incase something happens."

"Fine K-nine will stay back."

"Pssf, you can't really trust K-nine to keep this place a safe. I'll do it, I'll stay back and protect the heart of the city."

They couldn't waste precious time arguing, so they agreed and let him stay back.

"I just survived the battle of the Zeels and you want me to risk my life battling splinters."

He said to himself as they all left. Unknown to the rest of the resistants,
1up guy had ulterior plans of his own. He planned on stealing the heart of cyber city, escape to the multiverse and start an empire of his own. He was about to snatch the heart when a voice came from the shadows.

"The Famous resistance, claimed to defeat their enemies in unity actually has a snake amongst them."

"Who are you, show yourself now!"

There was no reply, the 1up guy quickly grabbed the heart, hopped on his flying skateboard about to take off. The tortisan finally revealing himself stood in front of him. Out of fear, the 1up guy shot Tortisian till he ran out of fluid, but the tortisan healed itself and got back on it's feet.

"I'm sorry man. What do you want, is it the heart you can have it."

"I never thought there would be a coward among the resistants."

"I am no coward, I defeated robots, giant robots with lasers and machine guns. I just can't stand splinters with your supernatural powers and all that."

"Let me have the heart and I might let you live."


The 1up guy handed the heart to tortisan and
ran off to the opposite direction. Tortisan opened it and realized that it was a bomb and not the heart. As the 1up guy was running, he heard the explosion. He smiled in satisfaction believing that he has defeated his opponent. Just then the Tortisan stood in front of him healing slowly and said.

"It amazes me when people try to outsmart me, forgetting that I am the cunniest creature that ever lived."

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean that. Here's the real heart. We can come Up with a deal. Please don't kill me."


On saying that he brought out his staff which had a sword at the edge stabbing the 1up guy multiple times. He took the 1up from him and .

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