Sony Cannibalizing Their Pro Cameras With Innovative Xperia Pro-I With

Check the website! Xperia PRO-I is literally presented like it's part of their camera lineup. That's epic. Best part is it's cheaper than last year's Xperia PRO.

The Sony camera range already offers creators an array of benefits including market-leading imaging quality and high-speed performance. Now the Xperia PRO-I brings something new to the line-up, offering photographers, videographers and cinematographers the ability to shoot, edit and send with a single device.

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I love how tech is evolving. I don't have budget to buy & support a device like this. All I can do is spread the news. Hope more people will get to know about this. It's $200 higher than highest spec iPhone you can buy. It's another $200 for the vlogging equipment.

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