Time to Shill GG again

Its Time to Shill GG again!

GG? What is GG?

Well. GG is @giftgiver! Its a service which delegates HP to people with low RC!
So free of charge newbies can get 11 HP at the moment, to help them do something on the chain. Its run and managed by @rishi.

To Vote, comment or post. Even play games or rent out Splinterland cards!

But the 11 HP doesn't last forever, it lasts for 7 days. So making an intro or a few posts would be wise, just so you can get some of your own HP as fast as possible.

Now. GG does give out HP anybody who needs it. This means that Splinterlands Bots also use the service and because of the crazy amount of SPL Bots, GG is getting drained.
GG are ofcause voting on stuff to gain more HP, but since they also give out this much HP for free, they dont get a lot back and relay on either delegations from kind people or from benefits which I have been setting on a few of my latest posts.
Its not much, but I guess everything helps :D

This is the HP, GG is earning.

Earning a delegation to a new account every month. Not bad, but could be better ^^

I think I shill GG every single year haha xD

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