Roadtrip day 3

We went to bed early. I couldn't sleep for 3 hours and now I am up and awake before the others anyway. Great.

I made myself a little cup of coffee from the instant coffee the sweet lady supplied and I just sat outside get some sun in my eyes for 30mins.

Breakfast is done and we are on our way to Faaborg to a museum called "Øhavs Museumet" they have an exhibition called "Mærk mig aka Feel me".
Ohh. As I wrote, we wanted to go to "Øhavs Museumet" but it was only open for groups on mondays annoyingly x) - So we will do it tomorrow instead.

Our second plan was something called "De Japaniske Haver aka The Japanese Gardens" they were open and we ate a bit of food and then went on to the adventure :p
The gardens was very beautiful and I got a shit ton of photos, like 40 or something which will be a photo dumb here later xD

After the Japanese Gardens we had lots of time so we drove to Svendborg which is the second largest city on Fyn just to see it and well, nothing special. Just a regular Danish Town :p

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