Overconfidence with the lack of balls

I believe so much in myself that I think I could fix each and every country in different ways. Alot of people who are currently in charge just wouldn't approve very much xD

The rich fuckers would properly not approve aswell even though it wouldn't nessercery be targetting them.

To adjust the title, I 100% believe I could do it in my head but the chances of me randomly ending up in a position of power like that, wouldn't properly never happen.
But its at least fun to think :p

Every single low-income person surviving on minimal wage are struggling and thats insane to me that we allow our companies to do so x)

I have lived it and somewhat still lives it.

Last job I had, I was sore every single day I came home and had no energy to do anything afterwards. I just watched yt?
Bad period, which I did get out of fairly quickly.

But my current job still only pays minimul wage (which isn't bad in Denmark), but we also get a bonus now and then plus we get paid for the overtime we have, which is quite nice at the end of the month and I am also not as destoryed.
I am out eating with friends after work once 1 week now, which keeps up the happiness and thats so important more than money!

This kinda turned into a different kinda of rant haha xD
I might even have wasted a good title for this post xD

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