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Opinion: Madmonq is the best energy suppliment I have ever tried.

Madmonq is a suppliment company who brands itself to gamers and they really know how to tell a story and get you hooked if you are a gamer since you can relate.

I have recently made a subscription to receive 2 Madmonq everything single month and I was greet with an amazing mail which said this:

A breath of fresh air has swept through your luscious hair as your confidence rose to new heights.
As you set your foot on the path, one thing is certain. A new challenger has arrived, ready to face whatever challenges Path of the Monq has in store.
Your journey to a more focused, stronger and wiser self is now getting started. Keep improving. Learn. Get to know your limits. Intimately.
With MADMONQ® at your side, unbeatable bosses will be turned into part-timers that give up in the trial period.

That is quite motivating and inspiring to get mails like this and they make you feel more invisable and unbeatable while being part of a Clan/Guild of other Gamers ^^ I think it abolutely amazing!

So. They have two products.

The First is the Energy One.
The Second is their Multivitamine One.
I will insert pictures of the product and all of the things they have in them.





Another aspect is the money.
Since when I don't take these pills, I am then a slave to Caffeine and I end up drinking along the lines of 3 Energy drinks to achieve what I need to do which comes out to being double as expensive compared to the two Madmonq products.
1 of each Madmonq pill does the trick for me!

Health is also an aspect.
Since while being on these 2 pills daily, I am way more inclinded to drink water throughout the day since I don't need an Energy Boost. Madmonq have me going nicely and for the entire workday (8 hours)

To anyone who wants to get a better habit and get off those nasty Energy Drinks should try these, maybe only the first one for energy purposes.

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