Hive priced halfed. So what?

Everybody have been talking about the Hive price dropping.
I do normally not care about the market prices dropping since I have no intend on selling anything, anytime soon. I just hodl.

But the "problem" with Hive dropping is that our votes is worth less :c That also means our Downvotes are worth less :c
(I was slowly but surely getting close to that $1 upvote :p)

Prices go up and down and the same does the prices if you hodl for long enough (remember to cash some out kids).

I will just keep hodling and build that HBD while buying a bit of Hive to convert it later for that neat little gain! ;D

Building a "war chest" of HBD seems like the best idea for the future and my future plans right now. I want to see how many projects I can make and support from just HBD down the line :D

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