Splinterlands battle challenge : Spirit Hoarder the caster of blindness

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I was wondering why it takes 5 to 6 days sometimes before players unlock the wild champ league and most time i waste my time trying to unlock that and miss out on the modern format champ sps, i changed tactic this season and decided to play the modern format more and now i have unlock the modern champ and getting 13 to 20 sps per battle which is still nice compared to the 3 to 6 am getting in wild diamond, i will play the wild when we have enough player in champ so that would make it easier to advance....


This week splinterlands battle challenge monster is Spirit Hoarder that possess three uniques abilities, which are the blind, dispel and triage...

My favorite out of its 3 ability is the Blind but many players do not take this ability serious including me until later that i figured out it is very useful and it has been helping me in many battles...There is 15% chance of missing monsters with the blind stat and when those monsters have other abilities like flying and high speed,they are almost invisible because they become so hard to hit....


I was paired with jeffopenscards in what doesn't kill you rule set which means all monsters have the enrage ability..

Splinterlands instinct and prediction

The moment a player sees a battle rule set when paired with another player, his mind is already calculating what to use, predicting what the opponent would use and lastly is going with our instinct.....

The instinct is what gives you the morale on how to set your team, coming up with a line up to counter what the opponent is going to use and setting up something that you think you can use the defeat the opponent...

This is what happened to me in this particular battle, the moment i saw the rule set and mana cap, my instinct tells me sneaky monsters is the best strategy to win and the same instinct tells me the opponent will likely use that in order to win too...

So i had to think of a way to use sneaky monster and also defend my team from sneak attackers..


battle link

Both of us came with sneak attackers, we both use a summoner with armor stats to protect our monsters too....

The line up was also similar but for a little difference in choice of monsters, i used Spirit hoarder and Albatross while he used Coral wraith and Torrent Fiend

Game changer

The Spirit hoarder and Chaos agent helped me to win this battle, due to the blind ability inflicted on the opponent plus the dodge ability possess by Chaos agent it was very difficult for the opponent sneaky monster to hit my chaos agent..

The first round was bad for the opponent as he had no successful hit against my monster, he had his chance in the second round but seems too late for him because i was already a step ahead and the moment i defeated his pelacor bandit that poses as a threat, it becomes a lost battle for him...

His team became vulnerable to my attacks and he had no more attacking monsters after i terminated all his sneak and i earned my victory!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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