Lets appreciate the beauty of nature while we still alived

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When i look around to the beautiful flowers. I saw freya and nicely playing around so i asked both of them that i want to take photos . Its funny that freya pick flowers of marigold and bite it with her teeth.

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Freya is so cute playing with the flowers of marigold. She is a daughter of my friend she was playing at that time when i visited there house. She looks adorable that she made me smile with her pose.
Leopard lily also known as black berry lily this beautiful flower are plenty in this area that my eyes lure of it.

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Hibiscus Blood red petals . This kind of color of hibiscus is rare i barely saw it this kind of color. I really like hibiscus flower its because it usually blooms everyday . That you can watch it anytime if u want to.
Red tubular flowers has beautiful petals i only saw this in my friends sorroundings.
There are plenty of leopard lily in this area. It also have many tall coconut trees at my back.
Hibiscus peach orange also know as gumamela in my own pilipino dialect. Most people in our province plant different colors of hibiscus.
Chinese ground orchids is different from other orchids that i usually saw when i visit other places . This kind of flower is planted in the soil.
Red rose is very common flowers. These kind of flowers usually used in any events .
Yellow rose the petals almost fallin to the ground. I still catch a glimpse of these flower before it falls.

Hello everyone. Since i was young i really like different colors of the flowers. When i saw them it made me smile and it helps to relax my mind. It was such a beautiful day that nature give us happiness in our daily life. Though some of the flowers were not blooms everyday. But once they bloom i would spend my time staring at them as if there is no tomorrow.

Today I wanna share a beautiful flowers that i took when i visited at my friends house. She used to lived in mountains areas with full of plants in their sorroundings. She also plant different kinds of plant like flowers in their sorroundings. I really appreciate her effort of planting that most of her flowers looks healthy.

I really envy this kind of place it was plenty of different kinds
of plants that its looks like a paradise to me . It was full of trees, flowers, bushes and mountains that is perfect view from a far. This place is quite and peaceful that nobodys gossip about your life. Everything there is just a perfect to lived on if you are introvert person which is away from a toxic people.
I really like this place hopefully one day i will lived this kind of place that everything is peaceful.
Thanks for reading to my fellow hivers i hope u like my photos of the flowers have a nice weekend !

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