My objective 30k [Fans] has reached

Today is a wonderful day for me. Now I have 30k [Fans] and 16779 temporary drunks.

[Fans] are very important because it can increase your Starbits earning. It is also mandatory to do Starbits Millionaire missions. I can still do 97 Starbits Millionaire missions more.

I am now at level 98 and I will reach level 100 very soon. I am ready for level 100. I bought 10 [Can of Petrol]. By doing so I can do the mission as soon as I reached level 100.

[Full Band Headline] mission is waiting for me. It said my level is too low.

I also finished 500 [Promote Fans Club] missions. Total missions 750 missions so I finished 66% of total missions.

Thie price of Starbits increased by 14.7% today. It seems a lot but value is not too high.

The price of StarRro is decreased by 1.54%. We can make buy order at slightly above 6 Hive per StarPro.

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