Learning from the Eagles

Eagles are one of the most interesting species that live on this planet. We can learn so many motivational lessons from the Eagles. I recently happened to watch one of the videos that covered some motivation lesson from Eagles. In this article, I would like to share some of the things I learned from the motivation video. We might all think that Eagles are dangerous and even though it is true, we have so many things to learn from the other co-existing species in this world.

Eagles are usually isolated birds and they don't fly in groups. They usually take their own decisions and they easily come out of their comfort zone. Eagles provide challenges even to their offspring and they don't provide them support for a very long period of time. The young ones also leave their nest when the time comes and they probably don't visit their parents again. Though these are a few things against the socializing behavior of humans, there are also good learnings from bad things too. This is going to be the first learning.


Don't be dependent on others

Humans are usually social beings and they are dependent on each other for survival and safety. Being a solitary bird, the eagle teaches us that we shouldn't be too much dependent on others. We have to find our own needs and go behind them. After a point of time, eagles leave their nest and start living their solitary life. When it is flying at a huge height, it looks legendary and it is more like viewing the entire world from the above. It sure gives a great feeling.

Eagles don't feed on dead matter, unlike other beings. They hunt their own prey and they feed on newly hunted prey. This also shows how they are not very dependent on other species to hunt.

Have a strong vision

When eagles are hunting for their prey, they are very focused and they don't get distracted. Eagles can find their prey even when they are flying over 5 km high from the prey. They keep a strong focus on the prey and when it is the right moment they strike. This is a great lesson for us. We have to be very focused with a strong vision. We keep going and when it is the right time, only then we have to express our thoughts.

Never show your fear outside

Eagles are one of the most fearless beings in this world. I wouldn't say that we should also stay fearless. But one thing we can learn from eagles is that even though we have fear inside for something, we don't have to show that fear outside and stay very strong both inside and outside.

Make sure obstacles don't affect you

This is the most interesting thing. When there is a storm or heavy rain, all the birds and other animals go inside a hiding place and they protect themselves from these natural calamities. Eagles are fearless and when the clouds cover the sky, they push themselves very hard and reach above the clouds and fly above them. This way rain will not affect eagles. They observe the who world getting drained with rain by flying above the clouds.

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