Testing The Strength Of Your Portfolio


Your portfolio is the total coin or project you have invested in and still holding in your wallet. Market behavior cannot be accurately predicted. Things happen and the market could go either ways. These things are always beyond the control of investors. This is where entry point matters; at what point did you enter into a trade or bought into a coin or project? Whatever flip side the market goes, you start counting your percentage profit or loss from there.

This is one reason why it's good to always diversity ones investment into solid projects and old gems, large market cap projects etc. Having a project which is making a loss of 25% presently and your are still in profit in your investment on the project (let's just pick a random figure for the purpose of explanation) say 15% running profit minus the 25% current market loss means you had a good entry point. The leverage you are enjoying at such moment ijs traceable to your entry point. The point and price at which you bought into the project.

There are coin are coins that can help absurd your losses in the market. When you're making a loss on another coin or project invested into, there are some other good coin or projects which have good standing and solid which don't always bleed much and the profit margin you must have made in them could easily help leverage and cover for the loss in the other projects or coin. Overall, your profit and loss account would then be in green.

Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) means they are selling for the first time on a particular lunch pad. This is another good entry point for some projects for those that had the opportunity and took them. When the token is lunched, you can start trading immediately. Meeting the conditions of lunch pads can give you good profit margin. IDO is only lunched on lunch pads and they all come with different conditions.

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