Strategy Better Than Staking

If you are an investor on Etherlite coin,you must be aware of their staking program on the platform. But there's another way I discovered that can make you more money than just staking your Etherlite (ETL). Etherlite has lunched it's exchange token called Etherlite Exchange Token (XETL). The exchange token price is already above the main coin Etherlite (ETL) as of now. It means you can convert some of your ETL to XETL and if the trend continues, you'll make more money and after some months, you can then convert the XETL token to the main ETL.

Five ETL will buy one XETL but before now, two ETL would get you one XETL. Meaning,if you turn in your ETL to XETL and XETL could do times five in price and then you reconvert it to ETL, you'll have made more than times five in ETL also because it's price is still very cheap around $0.02 presently. You'll get more value for your ETL holding. For now, we don't know what our profit is presently on the staked ETL.

Another strategy is to withdraw the staked ETL and then use it to provide liquidity on the etherlite exchange. Doing liquidity mining will earn you 3% profit on the value you provided. If this two strategy is well utilized, you'll make more returns on investment than just staking your ETL.

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