Which Metaverse Token Is Leading the Pack?

It’s winter in Texas. Ice. Rain, Below-freezing temperatures. And I’m 100 percent on solar power. That means I’ve got to watch my battery power. If today’s newsletter is too short, blame it on the weather.

Metaverse tokens outperformed bitcoin in January. _GALA led the pack, and, frankly, I’m glad. SAND and MANA have had their chance to moon. GALA is the future of metaverse gaming. I expect big things from it. _On another note, Warner Music Group launches a DJ contest in The Sandbox. I can see the Sandbox being the place wannabe DJ’s compete to become the virtual Wolfman Jack.

The Fool says Polygon is the clear leader in Web3. The Fool isn’t wrong.

Coinbase’s crypto wallet gets new security features. How to prevent your wallet from getting hacked?

ConsenSys is launching a Web3 education portal called MetaMask Learn.

Why aren’t DAOs flying to the moon? _A great thought piece by the founder of CityDAO and author of _The DAO Handbook (not an affiliate link, but it should be).

11 Web3 legal challenges for businesses going into 2023. I imagine there are more than these. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is getting its own NFT collection.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to make the metaverse a more interesting place to live and breathe. If the metaverse is ever to live up to its hype, it will have create a virtual world that rivals the real world. If I can interact with AI avatars and think they’re real people, then artificial intelligence could be a game changer. On the other hand, who wants to fall in love with an AI?

3 rising Web3 trends. I disagreed with someone on Hive a while back who said that businesses will lead the way into Web3. Maybe he was right. But I’d add one caveat: This “Web3” these businesses will lead the flock into will really be Web2 designed to give an illusion of Web3. What do you get when you fuse two technologies (the internet and blockchain) most end-users don’t understand? A recipe for mass fraud.

Pfizer Ventures wants to extend human life through VitaDAO. It cost them 4.1 million to try. Beyond that, something doesn’t sit right with me about a pharmaceutical company wanting to extend human lives. For what? To keep the customer base hooked longer?

26 questions to ask any platform that claims to be Web3. These are awesome questions and gets to the heart of what it means to be Web3. Expose the impostors. And on that note, I’d like to present

Toyota to host a DAO hackathon.

Say what you will, but you just can’t ignore bitcoin NFTs.

Premium accounts on Ecency get 3x the resource credits. Resource credits (RCs) on the Hive blockchain are an important economic tool. Users must have them to post to the blockchain, but you don’t buy them. They are tied to your Hive Power (HP). Unlike HP, however, RCs are non-transferable. They can’t be bought, can’t be sold, can’t be traded, and can’t be gifted. They are spent each a user posts to the blockchain, and the more you post the more you use. That economic reality is why users benefit from powering up their HP. The more HP you have, the more you can post. It’s a beautiful economic trade-off. Here’s another explanation.

How to prevent NFT theft. Does a Bored Ape a day really keep attorneys at play? If you don’t have a sense of humor, you should stop reading now.

Hypernative secures $9 million in seed funding for better Web3 security. ImmutableX to launch a passport system for online gamers. Addressable raise $7.5 million for Web3 marketing.

Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus partner on an NFT project. Does anyone care?

Cronos Labs introduces second cohort in Web3 accelerator program.

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