Edward Snowden Releases NFT for PleasrDAO & Freedom of the Press Foundation

Government whistleblower Edward Snowden is auctioning a newly released NFT live on PleasrDAO, along with Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers in 1971. CoinDesk also reports. PleasrDAO will also be interviewing Snowden and Ellsberg in a documentary to be released simultaneously with the auction. Money raised from the auction will support the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Ellsberg is 91 years old.

The Easy Company raises $14.2 million to build the first “social” crypto wallet. Users will be able to curate NFT collections across blockchains. Users may also be able to track their favorite tokens, follow and interact with their friends and fans, and interact with influencers. The app also comes with its own search engine. The app is available for download from Google Play and Apple Store. Learn more at the Easy website.

CoinTelegraph launches accelerator program for Web3 startups.

Freename applies for trademark protection on top-level Web3 domain names. As Domain Name Wire points out, you can’t trademark a TLD. This will fly like a ton of bricks.

Art Blocks Friendship Bracelet NFT collection rises to top post on OpenSea.

Can the metaverse save Meta from TikTok? No, it can’t. But this is the wrong question. We should be asking, “Who, or what, is going to save teens from Web2 social media.” It should be Web3 social media. However, that won’t happen as long as Web3 developers focus on crypto rewards. Study Meta and TikTok to learn what is appealing about them to the users they have attracted. Then build those features into your Web3 platforms without the drawbacks of lousy personal security, lack of content ownership, and the absence of other benefits that Web3 offers. Quit expecting crypto to be the draw and sell the other benefits.'

Arts DAO partners with Ledger to provide hardware wallets for members.

What to check before you buy a crypto wallet.

5 NFT use cases that will dominate 2023. How marketers will approach Web3 in 2023.

People only care about the metaverse if it’s a game. Give the people what they want. Duh.

The most useful Web3 data tools.

On the value of Web3 cooperatives. A pretty decent read.

DAOs can revolutionize the shared-ownership of properties.

From Hive

Hive user @gracepro was named the inaugural Scribe of the Year on the Hive blockchain. I like these kinds of initiatives. Rather than advertise Hive or work overly hard to evangelize others into Web3, initiatives like this seek to reward those who make excellent use of Web3 tools like Hive. Great use of talent and energy.

@unklebonehead takes a stab at predicting the future. Mostly focused on Hive, but some good ideas.

@amphlux discusses how he uses Hive more efficiently.

Is there such a thing as the perfect Web3 marketing plan? Excellent post from @finguru.

From Read.Cash

@MintDice talks about how cryptocurrency is changing the lives of college students.

How @ahmadmanga got a ChatGPT account from an unsupported country.

From Publish0x

@MarkHelfman shares the altcoin chart you can’t afford to ignore.

@RocketEnthusiast says it’s time to separate the crypto industry from the tokens.

@Todd-Mei-Phd explains delta neutral.

On Torum

Meet Sandy from the Non-Simulacra collection. Beautiful artwork courtesy of @JaiChai.

On Diamond App

@BKPOWER8 is raising money to get a friend home to Canada.

@dharmesh says humility wins.

From gFam

@Khalid shares a beautiful wedding gate.

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