Meme Challenge #332 - Entry #3

After some research, I discovered that this photo was not faked. It's very famous and was taken in 1932 in New York during the construction of the RCA Building.
Its title is "Lunch atop a Skyscraper", so these workers are having their lunch. I thought they were papers in their hands, but they're lunch boxes.

This is my third entry for this week in the Meme Challenge #332 hosted by @fibra59.

You can find the rules, the original picture and the last winners of the MemeChallenge in the post below, and maybe you could participate too ? Please join and try to make #memearmy smile for nice rewards!
And good luck !


To add a touch of FUN and anachronism, I thought it might make a good poster for a Drone meal delivery service.
I hope no one steals the idea from me, as the Hive blockchain is witness to the fact that I came up with it first. 🤡

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I invite @memess.curator to have a look, thanks 🤡

Special thanks for the original Photo to Elijah Pilchard:

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