Resource Guide For Making A Blockchain Game On Hive

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The purpose of this post is to link out to useful information so game developers looking to develop on the Hive blockchain can find some of the resources, tools, and services out there for doing so. There are a lot of different parts and things to consider when making a blockchain game.

What is being looked for?

Guides, tutorials, and helpful resources that focus on developing a game on the Hive blockchain. This information should primarily already be on Hive, GitHub, or equivalent, or publicly available to anyone to view. You will notice the Game Development Community does not have a Discord for a reason. We want information on the blockchain not lost and forever forgotten hidden away in some chat room.

Such information should be useful and useable today or within a very short time for those who are actively developing games. While I understand people on Hive talk a lot about possible solutions down the road. Until such solutions are ready to be used today they are not as useful for games in current development that have real needs right now.

This post is a work in progress that will be updated over time.

If you have useful information you feel should be added please leave a comment below. The Game Development Community is also looking for quality content to be posted within our community regarding game development on Hive. While we support non-Hive blockchain game development as well among other things in the game development realm that is not the purpose of this post.


Hive Developer Portal

When it comes to any kind of development within the Hive ecosystem this is the main starting point to look into. It provides a bountiful amount of information for JS, PY, Ruby, APIs, JSON, and broadcasting operations to the blockchain. Along with links to different libraries.


A SQL database that many dapps use for quarrying Hive blockchain data. When it is supported by the Decentralized Hive Fund it is free when it is not it switches over to a subscription payment model.

Interaction With Hive

There will be occasions where someone will need to interact with the Hive blockchain. There are several different options.

Hive Keychain

Keychain tends to be the main way players and end-users interact with the Hive blockchain. It allows the user to sign transactions and broadcast them to the blockchain. It can be useful for things such as website login to confirm ownership of a Hive account to having a player board cast custom Json.


While Hivesigner is sometimes used by Dapps to send a user to the Hivesigner website to sign a transaction. It is more commonly used on the developer side if I’m not mistaken. It also tends to be the option used for the end-user if Keychain is not an option.

Layer 2 Solutions

While Hive has many current and proposed layer 2 solutions the focus here is currently useable by a game developer.


You might know Tribaldex more as Hive-Engine that many games within the Hive ecosystem use for creating a game currency as a tradeable token. They also do offer other services such as being able to mint your own NFTs.


Dlux is a dapp building website that focuses on VR and can be used for making a game on Hive.

Hive Game Development Tutorials

More posts when found will be included regarding making a blockchain game on Hive.

Major Game Engines

Many game developers want to use game engines and that side of things still needs a lot of information and building out.

You will find many of the solutions in the above sections don’t tend to use C# or C++ that the major game engines use. In many cases, there will be a way to install a needed library or modular. In the long term, many would like to see some kind of SDK or equivalent up in the major game engine stores for free for developing games on Hive. This is a trend that other blockchains are doing to attract more game developers into their ecosystems.

Possible game engines that might be of interest to game developers within the community that more information is being looked for.

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4 And 5
  • Godot


Content by @Enjar.

Disclose: Any services or products shared in this post are NOT an official endorsement by Enjar or the Game Development Community. Always do your own research and seek a legal professional help when needed.

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