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Earlier this week I got a comment on my Cloudy: Make it Rain page on Roast My Game, a website I posted my game on a few years ago, only to then forgot about.

If you're new to Roast My Game:

Roast My Game is a site created to help game developers gather 'sugarfree' feedback on games they are working on and to inspire other game developers by sharing development progress.

-- The official "About" Page

When I checked it out, my game was trending and a few comments told me how to make the game better. I'm not sure I have the source codes for it anymore, and I don't think I want to update it. So I decided to add my current games, that I actually can fix.

A few days (and countless procrastinations) later I added one of my closest-to-complete works "White Room Journal" on the website as well. Check and give your opinion on this page:

---> Roast: White Room Journal

"White Room Journal" is a short 5 minutes Visual Novel about a girl in a hospital and her weekly meetings with the player character. I developed this project to practice making a visual novel with Ren'py.

You can check about the game in my Devlog for versions 0.2 here and 0.3 here. I changed nothing since the last Devlog. I have some ideas on how to make this Visual Novel better, but nothing is really planned right now. Your opinion might change that.

Thanks for reading, and I'm waiting for your comments there.

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