If I Have A Million Dollar

A million dollars when converted to naira is about 1.1 billion naira. A huge amount of money for anyone who desires to venture into business or buy assets that would sustain him for a lifetime. Judging from my current reality, I'll need to stay calm for some days to gain enough strength not to be overcome by the drunkenness of wealth, because a huge sum can make one insane. I've been in that position, not a million dollars, not even close but an amount I never had and I couldn't control the desire to stay calm.

Let's assume I've gone past the stage of insanity and am in the stage of planning. I have a lot in mind and I'll ensure I distribute the money into different investments.

Invest In Farming

I'll use #700,000,000 from the converted money to buy a very big land in a rural area and also get a tractor and some farm machines and equipment and venture into farming. Farming is a very lucrative business here in Nigeria especially if one has machines to cultivate a very large piece of land. I'll go into mix farming, planting different kinds of seeds both perennial and biennial, and vegetables but all in a large amount for a large market sale.

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Invest in a company's share

Buying a share is a good investment as long as the company has a prospect of growing. One automatically is entitled to a sum of money monthly. Let's say I'll invest #200,000,000 into a company and just expect a percentage from all they make. That's like having your money working for you while you sleep.

Invest In The Hive Blockchain

I'll also invest in crypto. And I'll want to do so in a way that would bring me daily returns. Let's say buying hive worth #300,000,000 and delegating it to a community that would give me either hive or their tribe token in return on a daily basis. Instead of buying a crypto and keeping it in savings with the expectation of a rise, I'll rather buy hive power and delegate it , earning daily while I also await a bull market.


Work without play makes Jack a dull boy right? I wouldn't spend the entire money without giving myself, my family, and friends a treat. I still have a hundred million naira left, everything that revolves around the treat would spend from the #50,000,000 which would be set aside for that, and the remaining #50,000,000 for whatever problem that I may encounter in the near future.

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