My coping mechanisms for dealing with boredom.

Have you ever been bored and you start to think about your life and the way forward? Have you been so bored to the extent that you feel like things aren't working well for you? Have you been that bored and you start to think too much especially seeing yourself as a failure but after a while you try to stay positive while hoping on God for the best?


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Since many individuals try to avoid things that could make them lose focus and feel hopeless, we still find out that we cannot escape from such a moment as it happens a lot of time. I have been there many times and it still doesn't mean I won't experience such again. This is mostly due to loneliness or when one is broke. There are times when I have a lot of money and when I have exhausted it and there is no money left, the boredom will set in making me overthink and start calculating how the money was spent, but when there is enough money, I don't even feel bored as I have things to spend on especially food. When I am bored, reading or engaging online won't even interest me until I am in the right frame of mind.

Boredom is not a good thing and when it happens, it's important to find coping mechanisms to deal with it, one might find himself or herself in a situation where you start to look less on yourself and be negative. This is when you start seeing yourself as someone who lacks purpose and direction.

I mostly find myself in this situation and I always find ways to come out of it before it turns into something else that may not be good for me. It may be caused by a lack of money, lack of satisfaction with a task, not feeling interested in any activity, etc.

Things that I do when I am bored:

Stepping outside for a while: This is very common for me as I believe that staying in a spot for a long time can be a boredom factor. When one is locked indoors for hours without seeing something interesting or funny to make you feel lively, boredom sets in. This is why when I am in this state, I would step out of my room, take a walk around and may sit down in public while watching people, cars, and bikes passing. Seeing different faces and things would clear the boredom away. Also, receiving fresh air from outside which is always different works effectively in chasing boredom away.

Listening to music/watching movies: Most times when I do not feel like going outside and still feeling bored, what I do is play music on my phone and listen while dancing or I just download an action movie to keep me busy and away from staying bored. It is the reason I love horror/Indian movies which are always action-based that would keep my mind flying here and there as a result of goosebumps. This is another effective coping mechanism to overcome boredom.

Sleeping: When I have tried all the other things above and does not work, the last thing is to sleep. When I sleep, I forget whatever is bothering me and would not even think of the boredom state I am in, and when I am awake, I feel energised and would be interested in any activities for that day. Before I sleep, I will make sure to take a fresh shower to be able to have a sweet sleep with nothing disturbing me, i.e body itching due to sweat or stress.

These are my coping mechanisms for dealing with boredom.

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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