Dreams,Dollars and Destiny:My Million-Dollar Wishlist

At this point in my life if I told someone I had a million dollars I’m sure they’ll laugh and think I’m delusional. But the dream is to make a lot of money so let’s just assume that a million dollars came from the dream to me through positive means.😅 oh, let’s just say I won a competition or AGT.😂😂

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I’ve thought of having a lot of money but a million dollars? Hold up, let’s do this conversion. 1 million dollars is equivalent to GHS11,483,580.00. This sounds like a lot of money. Money they say is the root of all evil but with money, there are a lot of things that can’t go wrong.

If I had a million dollars there are a lot of things I would do with it. Join me as I take you on my one million dollar ride.💃😅

First, I think I deserve a break from all the stress going on so before I proceed with any other plans I would at least give myself a good treat. Maybe a mini vacation for a day won’t be bad and I’m sure it wouldn’t cost much because I’m not out to misuse my million dollars.

Next, I’m going to decide the remaining money into 4 parts. Why four parts? This is because in my point of view, I think that in life you have to be a great thinker. Think big and do big. So after the division is done, the first part of the money is going to be invested in my hive growth. My journey on hive hasn’t been a smooth one but I’m always glad I never gave up. I have grown to love the blockchain so much and everyday and any minute I spend on the blockchain has a positive impact on my life. So why not invest in something that impacts your life positively and has a great potential. This money will be divided into 3 parts again. I guess there’s a lot of division going on here. So the first part will be powered up, the second would be used to purchase some second layer tokens and the third will be in my savings. With this, there is an even distribution of the money and this will also aid in the success of my bloc journey.

Moving on, we have 3 parts of the money remaining. The second part will be invested in a business. With the current state of my country, you can’t rely on your office job because you never know what may go wrong. So I plan in starting a business which I think has a long term potential into the future with more discoveries and adjustments here and there because as a business owner you obviously have to make a few adjustments once in a while. I have a lot of business ideas so starting a business wouldn’t really be a big deal as I’m also well educated in this aspect .

Over the past few years, I’ve met a lot of young individuals who are very eager to do and learn more. So with the third half of my money, I am going to provide these young ones with an opportunity to develop themselves. A skills development center is the plan. A simple but well equipped building with qualified teachers being recruited to help mould our young ones for a better future because they are the future. As they saying goes’"Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have. So this will be my little way of giving back to the society.

Finally, the last part of the money will go into my bank savings for any emergencies. In as much as I am investing , this investment plan is meant to be long term so I think it will be wise to save some money for emergencies because life itself is unpredictable.

Whew! Time to come out of our little bubble. We are done spending our imaginary million dollars which we believe strongly will one day come true. This is my plan if I had a million dollars any day.

I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for your time.

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