Game of predictions

When I saw this prompt, nothing came out of my head after two days of marathon thinking, and as I continued with brain racking, a question popped out of my head today: Why not do a game of predictions?

Prediction of what?
I racked my brain again and finally settled on something I feel, if carried out, it's going to boom.

A game of predictions involves selecting a particular item or subject and allowing the members of the community to predict the actual outcome of the event.
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Crypto prediction

The admins will take their time and select a particular crypto that has a zigzag movement. A post would be made with a countdown (maybe three days) for all members to type in a digit, the value of what that particular coin would be at the particular time fixed.

Making it clearer;

Crypto selected: BTC

Date point of prediction: August 27, 2023

Time point of prediction: 21:00 local time of your country

Predict until: August 26, 2023

We must predict what would be the exact price of Bitcoin at 21:00 on August 27th, with a deadline of August 26th.
If possible, as soon as the post hits August 26th, it should be deleted after the judges have taken note of the count predictions.

A good prize would be stated and the winner alone takes it all, or maybe the first and second runner could be compensated.

Football prediction.

I know it's not everyone that likes football, but read first๐Ÿ˜…

Now that almost all the leagues are back, the admins could pick a random match (it's not a must to pick a popular match; we can go deep into the local leagues) or a particular club and ask about the outcome of a match for that particular club.


Chelsea vs. Luton Town

  • How many Conners are in the game?
  • How many goals?
  • Who'll miss Chelsea's penalty?

Or we pick just a team: Villarreal

Ask for difficult predictions of the team's performance in the next match.


For questions like:
How is everyone going to get involved because not everyone knows football or crypto?

It's a fun game, and one does not need to know the details to play. The person can just guess.

That aside, who doesn't know about crypto here? Who??
I don't even know anything when it comes to crypto talk, but I can go to my wallet, check the current price of the said crypto, and predict without checking on chats. After all, it's just a game.

Football? Don't you think everyone should begin to know football now? The huge money in football is so tempting.๐Ÿ˜…

Thank you for reading.

This is my response to HiveGhana prompt.

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