I will happily embrace each new age I grow into.


There are a lot of people who are sick and tired of having to deal with the experience that comes with the circumstances they find themselves in right now. Kids want to grow into adulthood and get to a stage where they won't be under the watchful eyes of their parents and guardians. That's at least the case from my experience.

Kids always get to a stage in life where they feel like they need to be a man or woman of their own. They want to move out from home, live away from home, take care of themselves, and make decisions by themselves. It's a sign of growth and it's a commendable move when it's made by someone wise.

I can still recall when I made a similar move. I was barely 10 years old when I left home and started my journey of life which in part has helped me move forward in life towards achieving so much. It's been an adventure of my life and until this very moment, I'm still working towards improving myself as an adult male.

Similarly, there have been moments in my adulthood when I just think about life and it makes me wish I was a kid who didn't have any huge responsibilities to contend with. I've heard adults say "They miss being kids" and I understand where that's coming from. Adulthood is not a joke.

Think about those for a second.

Which age would I say is my favorite age?

Every age I've passed through till this very moment has been punctuated by several experiences. I remember the good ones with pleasure and the bad ones with a face that shows I learned stuff from that.

During my childhood, I got the privilege of getting support and guidance from my parents. They did everything they could do within their power to give me a decent upbringing and I'm happy about all that. Now that I'm an adult, I'm the one with the duty of care for myself, and my siblings, and I believe I also have that towards my parents.

It hasn't been an easy experience, and there have been moments when it feels like the weight of responsibilities is growing bigger. However, I like the current age I'm in and I will happily embrace each new age I grow into with time.

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