Marriage is one important rite of passage anywhere in the world, the difference is the attitude towards it. We like to force things without due consideration in this part of the world that's why the pressure to get married is more here.

When it comes to marriage, individual preference should be carefully studied before saying the big yes. Whatever reason it is that prompted one's decision to get married is valid, provided it is communicated and agreed upon by both parties getting involved. The reason for getting married should be carefully discussed and understood by both partners to avoid conflicting interest.

As an adult who has had a fair share of relationships the importance of finance in sustainability and having someone stand by you when you are financially down can never be overemphasized.

Talking about money and love, I do not think we can separate one from the other because Loving is giving. People are committed to investing where their heart lies.

While money is more important to me, love should not be completely ruled out from the equation because when it comes to providing the basic necessities for survival, money does that but love is the motivation by which the provision of money for survival is made availabl. I don't think anyone would spend on anything or any individual they are not passionate about.

The economic trend also greatly determines between love and money which gets prioritized.

Back then, individuals could prioritize love because there was really little one could do with money. There was no education, there was no utility bill and human existence was self sustaining, people cultivate what they eat and get the water they drink from rivers, stream etc.

The population was minimal and the available resources could go round. Now we have too many people struggling to survive. The living condition has deteriorated such that women are now forced to work as hard as their male counterpart just so the home can be financial stable.

At first love will seem like the most important, but the more responsibilities build up without being sorted out, the less attractive love becomes. In the right environment love will grow but in a struggling environment it will wither.

Aside these two factors money and love, I find understanding to be another important factor to consider before going into marriage. How well do I understand my partner? how well does he understands me? Marriage is two people from different backgrounds and different opinions about life coming together, getting along would be near impossible if the union lacks understanding.

In my opinion, these three keys Money, Love and Understanding are the foothold of any marriage.

While love breeds commitment and trust, understanding breeds communication with compromise and Money is the big brother that makes almost all the problem go away.

It takes the careful combination of ingredients in the right proportion for a pot of soup to be made and edible, that is marriage and the three keys.

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