An Extra Oil To Keep The Light Burning.


Accomplishing one's set goals and ambitions for me that is success. It is the positive result of efforts put into a certain course irrespective of the motive of whoever is involved.

A successful person is one who has done their due diligence, put in all the effort and now enjoying the fruit of their labour.

The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is experience as failure itself is a learning curve and I really do not think there will be success without failure.

Hence, failure + consistency = Success. You fail, you gather experience, you go back to your drawing board and then you restrategize to win. It doesn't matter how much you fall but do you get up after falling?

You know I was telling my former colleague one time that the reason bad people seem to succeed is the amount of effort they put into actualizing their evil plan. Like have you seen these people plan and execute their plans? So much energy and consistency is being burnt, like they will keep trying till they succeed and even at that they don't relent. They keep planning for future occurrence.

The thing with some people who feel they have a good heart is that they always want to leverage on their good nature without putting in the much needed effort. Other times they keep pushing without analysis, it's not all about being consistent but are your actions channeled towards the right direction?

You know wasting your time is synonymous to patience but they are not the same thing. With patience you know where you are headed even if it's far you got your eyes on the target on the goal but with wasting your time, you don't even have a plan, you just want to succeed.

Take for example the politicians in my country, everything that will take the ruling party to remain in power has already been carefully thought out and planned. Every upcoming election has been budgetted for and all they just need to do is to execute.

Now let's come to those people hoping to oppose them. Most often times, these people wait till the election year or few months to election and then start creating hurricanes and volcanic eruption of we want change. Now how do you hope to win against someone who has made hay while the sun was shining? We keep loosing against these politicians because we don't plan right. Even the word Grace need some certain amount of action before it comes to light.

It doesn't matter your intention all that matters is how well do you plan to succeed? You see success is a journey and if you don't plan well before embarking on a journey, you end up getting stranded.

In order to become a successful person, you always have to be one step ahead.

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