An experience I had as I struggled through life

Live throws at us many challenges from which at times equip us with experience. Most people are used to saying that "experienced is the best teacher" I can't argue on this particular phrase, but I will say if the worst can be avoided, please do so.

This is a personal life experience I encountered while growing up. I learned how to ride a motorbike in the early stages of my school life. I was in class six as at then, but I could ride better than most of the young men in my community. I was also very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and practice driving as soon as I completed junior high school. Due to my ability to drive and ride, and as of form three in senior high, I had never gotten involved in any serious accident with a car or motor before.

I was very confident in riding and driving, not until I had this encounter. Right after I completed high school, I was attending a party, and as usual, I was supposed to ride by myself to the venue. I talked to a friend and took his bike that morning and prepared for the party. I left home and went to another friend who was also joining me on the bike. Due to my confidence, pride, and bravery in riding. I was riding at a very high speed, without considering others are plying that same road. My friend advised that I should reduce the speed, but I didn't listen and was still speeding.

On our way going, still at high speed, we reached a very sharp curve and as we were negotiating the curve there come a timber truck and taxi with the taxi trying to overtake the truck and we were facing the two cars and at that point, all that came in mind was I'm dead forgetting there was someone behind me and everything around me turned black.

I woke after 3 days, and I was still not seeing clearly with a bandage wrapped around my head and some parts of my legs and arms. I asked for my friend but unfortunately, he didn't survive the accident. He was crushed to pieces by the truck as our bike collided with the side of the taxi, and he rolled over the taxi and landed under one tire of the truck.

It took almost a year to recover from the pain of the accident and the loss of my friend. I regretted not listening to him, and from that day, my bravery, confidence, and thinking of being experienced just shuttered. I then began to fear driving, let alone riding. I lost my driving and riding magic.

I decided I would not even drive or ride again, not to put another person's life and mine in danger again.
From that point, it has been the most important experience I have ever learned from in life

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