Strava2Hive - Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me the elevator pitch for Strava2Hive?
Strava2Hive is a service that will allow Strava athletes to make automated posts of their activities onto Hive and be rewarded for their activities.

Sounds a little like Actifit?
Strava2Hive is not just about the activity. The goal of Strava2Hive is to create detailed Hive blog posts from Strava activities, which can allow users to engage with their followers more easily. The goal is also to encourage users to get out and exercise more as a result.

So do I need a new app?
Thats the thing, if you are already a Strava user, and have a Hive account, Strava2Hive basically links both of these together. All you then need to do is use the Strava app to add descriptions and images that are automatically added into your Hive posts. After you sign up, you don't need to download any additional apps.

How can I sign up?
To be able to use this service, you will need to have a valid Strava account, as well as an account with Hive. You can then follow the steps below to get started:
1.Make sure your activity in Strava is visible to everyone. Go to and set Activities to Everyone.


2.Access the following URL. It will take you through HiveSigner authorisation and then Strava authorisation:
First fill out the form similar to the one below, make sure all the data is correct and click on Submit


3.When you click Submit, you will be given this link, that will direct you to HiveSigner to authorise strava2hive with Posting Authority.


4.Once you finish HiveSigner Auth, you will be given this page, make sure you click on the link as this will then let you authorise with Strava:


5.This will let you authorise strava2hive with Strava to allow the service to take activity and post to Hive.


What does the service actually do?
The service takes a summary of your workout, it takes a screenshot of your activity, it also takes any description or images you may have added into Strava and create a Hive post for you. It will add the post to the Exhaust community where you can then view it.


How can I start transferring my Strava activity to Hive?
It's pretty simply, all you need to do is add a description to your activity. This could even by a hashtag like #hive, if you can't be bothered adding anything substantial. But remember, the more you engage with your audience on Hive, the better results you are going to get.

I already use other apps on Strava that add a description to my activity, will that work?
Yep, the Strava2Hive service will work in conjunction with other Strava Apps, and if you are having descriptions automatically generated in your Strava activity, this will also allow you to automatically add your posts to Hive.

Is the transfer from Strava to Hive instant?
No. For the time being, we run our scripts to automate this service every one hour. This also allows users to post details into Strava and make sure they are all looking good before they are transferred across.

Is there a limit on the number of activities I can send to Hive?
Yes there is. We want to make sure users get the best rewards from Hive, so we have set a cooling off period of 12 hours between posts to allow your Hive account to be close to 100% again before it posts again. That doesn't mean you cannot update your activity and have it ready to be created as a Hive post, when this 12 hour period finishes.

Can I post any Strava Activity?
Actually, we have limited this a little. For now, you should only be able to log activities that are Swim/Bike/Run/Walk activities. Any Strava activity that is added as a "Workout" will not be added, but if there is a high demand to include this, please let us know. This will include things like weight sessions or yoga.

Can I post any text in Strava, including emojies?
The testing we have done has not been super extensive, but from what we can see, Strava seems to support emojies and these are being brought through to Hive without any issues. For example, '449kcal burned 🔥' and 'Motosumo ride 🚴' seemed to come through without any issues.

How much is this going to cost me?
All we are taking as part of the posting to Hive is 5% of the Hive reward your post receives.

But what do I get by using this service?
For the time being you get to help build a cool community of people who love being active and getting it. As well, we are doing our best to also provide weekly rewards to top users.

How can I get rewarded?
We change the way we find our top users. Some weeks we will reward on the athlete that posts the most activity, on other weeks, we will reward the athletes that burn the most calories. We want to make it as fare as possibly, but rewarding different types of athletic abilities.

Can I use my own tags?
Yes, firstly as part of the automated posting, we give your Hive post five tags automatically. If you want to add your own tags, all you need to do is add up to five tags to the top of your Strava description and strava2hive will use these values instead.

Can I post my activity to different communities on Hive?
By default Strava2Hive will post to the Exhaust community. We have created a function that allows athletes to post to the Running Community by adding @running to the top of your description, or @hikenz to post to the New Zealand community. If you would like to add any further communities, please let us know.

I don't use Strava, I use Edumondo?
Unfortunately we do not have any apps on Edumondo but we are currently working on it, so stay tuned. There are a lot of users that use this service, so are looking into it as we speak.

How many pictures can I post using the service?
At the moment we are only able to one image from Strava, but we will be working on extending that shortly. You can always add extra images once it has been posted to Hive.

Is there anything else I need to know?
We have just created a @strava2hive curation trail. Make sure you are signed up to this curation trail.

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