Morning Run - Warmer and damper

I just finished a 7.057km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:42ss !


The weather has changed again since Tuesday. It got a fair bit warmer and so all the ice and snow has gone. I heard that the underpass to Stotfold was pumped out, but I was not going to risk the water having returned and so went up the hill to Fairfield again. This time was with some fartlek sprints to get my heart pumping.

The graph shows the distinct changes in pace and it gives an average that is significantly quicker than last time. I was not having to be wary of ice, but there were some big puddles. I detoured out to the path that runs around the estate which was a little muddy in places.

There were lots of people about at that early hour. I think most of the runners I saw were women. I had to push myself to keep going on some of the sprints and was struggling a bit around the half way mark when there is a bit of a climb before it becomes mostly downhill. I went for it down West Drive, but it was a bit off my best for that segment.

Not a bad run overall and I was pretty warm by the end. I will try for another long one on Sunday.

Run free and stay well.
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