Evening Ride June 15th 2021

I just finished a 43.731km cycling that lasted about 2hh:58mm:31ss !


After a decent meal I decided to take my bike for another spin and I might find some more stuff to redeem along the way.

I was lucky at the Wupper, I found some cans and bottles. Enough to redeem and get a new bottle of water or something. But some weird things happened at the beverage store. First I was just allowed in with a shopping cart. And I had no change with me. The cashier was obligingly enough to give me small chip. But than he asked to take my backpack off - for no reason. Quit weird.

But more important I got a flat tire. I had to walk the Walk of Shame home. I'm burned by the sun now and have to change the tire.





Some dragged that bike frame out of the Wupper



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