Snow and Ice and everything else! - Night Run

I just finished a 10.687km running that lasted about 0hh:52mm:11ss !


In spite of the great cold sunny weather we had today (as can be seen on the cover photo taken early afternoon), I went running after 9pm once again. During my dog walks earlier, I noticed it was just not possible to run without my shoes with spikes. It was uneven terrain with very changing conditions, from icy packed snow due to cars to 7-8 inches deep powder snow. And to not damage the spikes, I wanted to avoid the parts where snow had been cleared up, and that forced several U-turns, which might explain why the whole route looks a bit strange. I even made a short detour in the woods, but that was even worse, and too dangerous for my weak ankles.
Of course, in these conditions, it was my slowest run in a while, by far, but I felt good once again, just a little bit of soreness in the legs, no shortness of breath at all, and for sure I could have run several more miles like that. That seems to confirm I am slowly getting over that plateau, or at least back to a real plateau, and not a declining slope.
We're supposed to get very similar weather tomorrow, which means conditions will probably be the same. But I really have to try and go for a run. I got a reminder today that I'm getting a dental implant on Friday, which means I will have to avoid strenuous activities for at least a week. Bummer...

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